Wednesday, 2017-11-15

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smileKdo tu03:22
smileKurc pa pisda 03:22
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M44KAksna zenska04:21
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miki135jekak fant za fanta05:12
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bojanjutro lana05:40
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bojankako si lana05:43
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LanaBojan še kr ajd mej se grem dejjlat prej da končam tudi prej05:44
bojanLana enako te mam tebe v spominu drugič si poveča cau05:45
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skrivnostenkaksna zgodnja za chat?06:32
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breskvicadobro jutro vsem 😉06:40
klepet_13469dobro jutro06:40
ExJutro breskvicy06:40
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njosem ž iščem njo ali par06:59
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JANTAR47Mnaughty milf*07:13
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Tomidobro jutro07:20
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VezanJutro. Katera lj za prednovoletni diskretno avanturo.lj08:10
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korlše mene v parlament naj peljejo, kavica poceni, pod 1 uer, kosilo tam 2-3 eur08:12
korltakoj sem begunec08:12
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korlko sem videl tale 2 mlečnozobca, mater, bi jim glavo odtrgal08:13
Gal_bsxorganiziram silvestrovanje08:13
korlniti 1 dan poštenega dela nimata08:13
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korlgal...super, a bo dost ž?08:14
korlin kje bo?08:14
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Gal_bsxtisti ki je zainterisiran naj me klikne08:14
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maxscooterdan vsem08:21
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maxscooterpočasi pa ziher08:25
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starejsi-starejsojutro vsem08:49
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ubogljiv41 ( joined #klepet.08:49
maxscooterdan tudi tebi08:50
starejsi-starejsodans pa kar mrzlo08:50
maxscooterno ja08:50
maxscootermal pa mora bit08:50
maxscooterče je zima08:51
starejsi-starejso-5 pri nam08:51
grega ( joined #klepet.08:51
klepet_51060 ( joined #klepet.08:51
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maxscooterse bo treba pogret08:51
Nick change: klepet_51060 -> Dragon08:51
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iscem_njokako smo kaj08:59
klepet_2615 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si08:59
duck ( joined #klepet.08:59
on29 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si08:59
klepet_38033Kaj lepega pocnemo08:59
iscem_njonič mrzlo je08:59
klepet_84632 (5bd13182@B20C727.2F3B300A.B2EC3BAF.IP) joined #klepet.08:59
maxscooterpa mal pavze za kavico09:00
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klepet_21187 ( joined #klepet.09:00
klepet_38033Da nic09:00
maxscooterkaj pa bi ti 3803309:01
Krsko ( joined #klepet.09:01
salvatore (b93ab44e@3699C2B2.1253E243.9814A57D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si09:01
maxscooterkakšna ideja?09:01
iscem_njoja npr.09:01
m38 ( joined #klepet.09:01
klepet_38033Hm jutranji ...09:01
Padalec ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:02
klepet34106 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:02
Niko ( joined #klepet.09:02
iscem_njoja no to bi tak pasalo vsem09:02
maxscooterzdaj že ni jutranji, bi bil bolj zgodnjedopoldanski09:02
Nick change: Niko -> klepet496209:02
klepet_77228 ( joined #klepet.09:03
Diskretn ( left irc: Quit: Page closed09:03
klepet_38033A sami neposkrbite09:03
Lev_mb ( joined #klepet.09:03
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maxscooterje pa lepše v dvoje09:04
maxscooterdan breskvica209:05
limunn (frendi@809CDFD2.5C7F0937.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.09:05
Zdravnik ( joined #klepet.09:05
maxscootertebe tudi zebe?09:05
limunn (frendi@809CDFD2.5C7F0937.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si09:05
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starejsi-starejsobol zaspano vse09:09
maxscooterzgleda že tako09:09
klepet_38033 (b04cf0c5@58FA475B.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si09:09
maxscooteral pa v grmičkih09:10
klepet_16995 (b04cf0c5@58FA475B.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:10
torx ( joined #klepet.09:10
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Dragonmaxscooter al pa še to ne :D09:10
maxscooterja, kakor komu paše09:11
al1984 ( joined #klepet.09:11
zabec ( joined #klepet.09:11
klepet_16995Se komu kaj dogaja09:11
Dragonvedno se dogaja :P09:11
Slave (b04cf14d@15861E98.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:11
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:11
tip ( joined #klepet.09:11
potrebenritkedrkam ga09:11
klepet_16995Jaz tudi09:12
Slave (b04cf14d@15861E98.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si09:12
urejen45 (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:12
Dragonlepo za vaju09:12
starejsi-starejsosamo uzivajta09:12
limunn (frendi@809CDFD2.5C7F0937.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.09:13
peter ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:13
Krsko ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:13
klepet_16995Ti ne drkas09:13
Dragonzakaj bi :D09:13
kompletek ( joined #klepet.09:13
boris ( joined #klepet.09:13
Mitja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:13
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klepet_16995Ker pase09:13
Mitja ( joined #klepet.09:14
starejsi-starejsolepše ga not met09:14
creampie ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:14
Zet-je-tasco ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:14
Dragonni treba v detajle hvala09:14
Nini ( left irc: Quit: Page closed09:14
david ( joined #klepet.09:14
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klepet_16995Seveda ampak tudi rokica09:15
big ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:15
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Dragondolgčas dela svoje ane09:20
klik ( joined #klepet.09:20
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limunnjst sem tud lezbika09:32
klepet_60995 ( joined #klepet.09:32
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Angelitooales dobr dan09:40
robioj09:40 že kr svetlo09:40
LulekCamdan  vsem damam, dekletom puncam lepoticam in zapeljivim mladenkam ter ostalim prisotnim09:40
on29 ( joined #klepet.09:40
obdarjen (5e67400c@5F211EA2.362D9361.F87E97CE.IP) joined #klepet.09:40
ales40če bo pa dobr bomo pa še vidli :)09:40
cuckold_Druge (4a78dfb5@7487E5D1.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) joined #klepet.09:41
jina ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:41
Angelitooales ja sm kr zgodi ustala zato dober dan09:41
klepet_42443 ( joined #klepet.09:41
klepetko ( joined #klepet.09:41
Angelitoorobi oj09:41
kavalir ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:41
ales40tud jst mam ob 5ih štart09:41
jina ( joined #klepet.09:41
Angelitooja ti start js pa 6h pol 7h kava time lepo v miru noben ne joka nobenga "mami" in podobno09:41
Amko (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:41
al1984bundy ( joined #klepet.09:42
ales40si use sterala od bajte09:42
mariborcan ( joined #klepet.09:42
Angelitoone nism sam tkt se vsi spijo09:42
torx ( joined #klepet.09:42
Angelitoopa lhka umiru kavo spijem09:42 budi hudiča pol :)09:42
Amko (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si09:42
Tevz (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:42
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jonni (c14d0d56@818C61A.E86F55E3.B13B4DFC.IP) joined #klepet.09:43
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:43 naj ti sede..kava mislm09:44
adrenalina ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:44
fajner ( joined #klepet.09:44
BDSMzabavaLJ ( joined #klepet.09:44
Angelitooja je ze zdavnej spita09:44
ales40zihr ni zadnja09:44
Angelitoogrem pocas po delu naprej09:44
limunnlana je tip 09:44
Angelitooodvisn od obiskov09:45
fajnero o opa dolazi evropa09:45
breskvica2 ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si09:45
gorazd38 ( joined #klepet.09:45
ales40družabno pitje prauš09:45
fajnerjs pa ti pa židana marela09:46
Nick change: klepet_9049 -> Nobody09:46
JASMIN27KR ( joined #klepet.09:46
breskvica ( joined #klepet.09:46
limunndruzabno karanje09:46
Anonimna ( joined #klepet.09:46
Angelitoozutri je fajn ce sva sam js pa kava .... poj pa sam se z druzbo09:46
igor ( joined #klepet.09:46
ales40aha..maš popredalčkano09:47
Angelitooja ales lah bi se tko rekl09:47
don ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:47
Angelitoopoj sm lhka tut cel dan brez nje sam zutri pa tezko brez nje09:47
JASMIN27KR ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:47
urejen45 (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.09:47
cuckold_Druge (4a78dfb5@7487E5D1.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si09:47
ales40jst mam sreč pijem sploh09:47
klepetkoJz kave sploh ne pijem09:47
ales40nimam pol niti potrebe09:47
klepetkoMi ne fali nuc09:47
kobe88 ( joined #klepet.09:48
_na_mamice (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) joined #klepet.09:48
Angelitooja klepetko men tut ni dokler je nism pila09:48
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error09:48
kobe88 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:48
Angelitoopoj pr 20ih sm jo pa zacela pit09:48
klepetkoJz mam 28 pa res se.nisem navadu nikoli09:48
ales40bi blo bolš če bi sam na čikih ostala hehe09:48
limunn (frendi@809CDFD2.5C7F0937.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si09:49
bojan2 ( left #klepet.09:49
aries81 ( joined #klepet.09:49
Angelitoohahahaha ja sam zutri pa kava time....09:49
Vezan ( joined #klepet.09:49
Angelitooker to je edini nacin da se lhka posvetim sebi09:49
klepetkoHehe jz rajsi caj09:49
bojan2 ( joined #klepet.09:49
ales4023ur dnevno okupirana09:50
klepet_1818 ( joined #klepet.09:50
mare ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:50
Angelitoocaj je itak caj09:50
Angelitookava je pa uzitek09:50
zanimiv12 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si09:51
zanimiv1 ( joined #klepet.09:51
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von ( joined #klepet.09:52
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limunnlana je tip 09:52
limunn (frendi@809CDFD2.5C7F0937.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si09:52
Angelitoodej limun dosadan si ze09:53
Primorc__kje vidis lano :)09:53
Primorc__ ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:53
Simpatico__ ( joined #klepet.09:53
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Karmen ( left irc: Quit: chat.si09:55
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Katarina ( joined #klepet.09:55
VezanJutro Kate. Si za.....09:56
mariborcan ( joined #klepet.09:56
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tip-tip-chatdobro jutro10:08
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hanzizbegana, zakaj pa si zbegana?10:10
nagajiv ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:10
jonni (c14d0d56@818C61A.E86F55E3.B13B4DFC.IP) joined #klepet.10:10
hanzikako to izgleda10:10
ati_punco ( joined #klepet.10:10
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Lucifer ( joined #klepet.10:19
OriginalMraz je10:19
OriginalA dopldne ste pa vsi na privat10:20
OriginalSe grejete😀10:20
Fitneser ( joined #klepet.10:20
Fitneserupam da se najde tuki kera zame10:20
mariborcan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:21
VezanBoš mogu najeti stozice. Tako je naval10:21
ohLadyorigigi: a poznas Jaka Mraza?10:21
jina ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:21
Gal_bsx (4d263adc@9998743D.1089794D.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:21
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:21
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mico87 ( joined #klepet.10:21
grega ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:21
OriginalJaka mraza10:22
OriginalA ni peter10:22
gorazd38 ( joined #klepet.10:22
ohLadykuko Peter?10:22
hanzijaz pozna dedka mraza10:22
hanzisem bil nekoč v njegovem spremstvu10:22
hanzisem bil medved10:22
ohLadyJaka mrazu bl pristoji k pa Peter bezveznjak.10:22
OriginalK si bil 510:22
njovmb ( joined #klepet.10:22
OriginalTud prov10:22
bojan2 ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds10:22
ana38 ( joined #klepet.10:23
klepet_54686 ( joined #klepet.10:23
OriginalKr nov let bo🤔10:23
hanzia klepetulja je crknila10:23
hanzije šla v večna lovišča10:23
hanzisaj vse gre u 3 pm10:23
primorc30 (563d2273@D3E4E2F0.2A0A221B.D5B76ED9.IP) joined #klepet.10:24
hanzirazen tale sirijec gre v parlament na kavo in kosilo10:24
ohLadyhanz spet jamra. Cist nedostojno moskemu rodu.10:24
OriginalPa ko jih jebe10:24
hanzinič ne jamram10:24
hanzisamo dejstva navajam10:24
OriginalSam jezen je10:24
hanzimalo sem, to že10:24
Fitneserse najde tuki kera k ma rada fitneserje10:24
OriginalPa dej spizdi fitniser10:25
OriginalPejt misice spikat10:25
ohLadyorig: cemu si neotesan?10:25
hanzizdaj bo naval fitneser...boš jih moral z špahtlom dol trgati10:25
jure ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:25
OriginalKr tko10:25
klepet_42443 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:25
OriginalPase mi😀10:25
Lucifer ( left #klepet.10:25
klemen88 ( joined #klepet.10:25
direktor ( joined #klepet.10:25
OriginalDrgac sm se prevec prjazen10:25
mann ( joined #klepet.10:25
hanzimeni bi pasalo, da bi ohlady, zdaj mimo mene naga letala10:26
ohLadyaha ok, origigi skrbno futra pleasures. He will dig for a treasure later10:26
gorazd38 ( left #klepet.10:26
OriginalA da te ogreje😀10:26
ohLadyhanz: ma tis sadist. U mrazu bi sleku cloveka?!10:26
OriginalPa zmrzne😀10:26
OriginalSam res 😀10:26
Moski (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.10:26
hanzima saj imam toplo, dela centralna10:27
Mystic ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 za iPhone - https://www.klepet123.si10:27
OriginalTo je sam pod dekco za zagret10:27
klemen88Zdravo vsem10:27
Mitja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:27
OriginalPol se ze odvrze10:27
LulekCam ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:27
Hoten43 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:27
LulekCam ( joined #klepet.10:27
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:27
ohLadyorigi: sej, cemu bi zakuru, ce pa lohk z deko ovit hods okol ;)10:27
hanziorig, bi ji pod dekco svoje znamke pokazal10:27
Hoten43 ( joined #klepet.10:27
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:27
vodnarka49 ( joined #klepet.10:27
Nezen (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:27
OriginalKur se itak10:28
OriginalPa je se zmer mraz10:28
OriginalKva bi pa ti kazu hans10:28
hanzimal telovadbe, par sklecov in počepov10:28
ohLadyori se se najbl kur polet. Cudak, vam puvem!10:28
OriginalJa sad cem10:28
njovmb ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:28
klepet_65439 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:29
Vezan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:29
Mitja ( joined #klepet.10:29
klemen88 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:29
hanzinič ne zmrzne10:29
OriginalPol grem ze rajs pid deko k da tuki krilm10:29
OriginalA da nee😀10:29
miran (4d2667da@4F6DCCFE.606B1431.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.10:29
OriginalGa s pocepi ogrejes😀10:30
simon_says ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:30
ohLadyori je reku, da bo hladen sele in nic prej kot v vecnosti10:30
ana38 ( left irc: Read error10:30
simon_says ( joined #klepet.10:30
Par_Njo ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:30
Klemen29 ( joined #klepet.10:30
hanzihladen bo, ko ga bodo v jamo dajali10:30
hanzizadnji počitek10:30
klepetalec (58c8625e@22923AB.37626B08.A755739C.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:30
OriginalMal cudn ce bi bil takrat vroc10:30
ohLadyhanz: ma ti pa tut ne znas z besedami rokovat. 10:30
Sebastjan23 ( joined #klepet.10:30
hanzijaz se samo rokujem10:31
savio ( joined #klepet.10:31
ohLadyspominjam se kot otrok, kuko me blo strah ob misli, da bi se zbudila tm dol nekje10:31
Klemen29A je tuki katera za privat klepet?10:31
al1984bundy ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:31
al1984bundy ( joined #klepet.10:31
hanzitam dol nekje...kje je tole10:31
OriginalPrivat mas na desno10:31
ohLadyklemen: klikn cez 10 let, spet ;)10:31
hanzijarnija, al zg. duplek, al novi sveet10:31
Klemen29Zakaj ohlady10:31
Mystic ( joined #klepet.10:32
ohLadyklemen: k takrat nam vec zob mela. Prijala bi ti mnogo10:32
OriginalKje dol lady10:32
ohLadyori: pa tm dol....u zemljici10:32
gorazd38 ( joined #klepet.10:32
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:32
hanzioohlady, a imaš granolom, pa ti delajo proteze10:32
OriginalKt mala se bala10:32
SANdMAN (d5057447@1781E0F8.DCA7C4F8.87753F49.IP) joined #klepet.10:32
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:33
ohLadyaham k mela mejhne velike sanje ;)10:33
Klemen29 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:33
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:33
al1984bundy ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:33
hanziv rahli zemljici10:33
OriginalVelke sanje o zemlji😀10:33
hanzikonec koncev, ko je čas bomo itak vsi šli10:33
hanziali ko bo čas10:33
ohLadyhanz ze zdej placu plac in dnevno z brabljami rahla10:33
OriginalPa dobr zdaj si tuki10:33
Mitja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:33
ohLadyori: lol. Veleposestnica10:33
Hoten43 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:34
hanzija, plac že imam10:34
OriginalAl sam pocestnica😉10:34
hanzisamo noter se še vležem10:34
OriginalTi si pa napreden10:34
hanzipocestnica ji bolj pritiče10:34
ohLadyori: podcestnik bos ;)10:34
savio ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:34
mico87 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:34
ohLadyhanz: lol, ustrasu me10:34
OriginalPa dej miljonar evre stej10:35
mara ( joined #klepet.10:35
Hoten43 ( joined #klepet.10:35
Mystic ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 za iPhone - https://www.klepet123.si10:35
OriginalLohk tu dam trr10:35
direktor ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:35
hanziče te vržejo za cesto10:35
OriginalLady bil yoke10:35
visok ( joined #klepet.10:35
OriginalJa sej pa kaj10:35
hanzikaj je tale milijonar, dei evrčke10:35
ohLadymiljonar mirise na bankrot. K me nagovarju prejle na bancni rop. Pfee10:36
OriginalMeybi saj ksn pes kej od tega dobi10:36
_na_mamice (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:36
tine ( joined #klepet.10:36
OriginalNa bancni rop10:36
klepet_49289 (5bbf3e7a@55B14CC1.FA3166FF.7DA4B05A.IP) joined #klepet.10:36
mamo (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) joined #klepet.10:36
Lana (b04cf368@EEEC2D5A.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:36
OriginalA se kej kuha lady10:37
labradorc ( joined #klepet.10:37
Fury ( joined #klepet.10:37
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:37
maxscooter (c111011b@772863D1.16CFDCB0.936AD080.IP) joined #klepet.10:37
LanaOjla vsem10:37
ohLadyne kuham , k mam doma: mizica , pogrni se!10:37
maxscooterdan vsem10:38
OriginalKa pa ti a nis u služba😀10:38
ohLadylana banana10:38
OriginalAja sam u mikro vrzes10:38
Sergej_42 ( joined #klepet.10:38
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:38
ohLadyne. Skuha mi tut.10:38
hanzine, samo iz vrečke v vodo10:38
OriginalA tvoj10:38
LanaOh last kako10:38
hanzita hrana iz vrečk , to je sam strup10:38
hanzipa tole iz piksen10:38
maxscooterinstant hrana?10:38
ohLadyma dej bajsiti. Dosadni.10:38
Papillon37 ( left irc: Read error10:38
Papillon37 ( joined #klepet.10:38
LanaOrginal pozdrav10:39
mornarKP ( joined #klepet.10:39
hanzimax, sama sol10:39
OriginalA je malca10:39
Katarina ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:39
maxscooternajlepše sam skuhat10:39
OriginalLady sta se razpizdila10:39
maxscooteral pa v dvoje10:39
OriginalDobr tek10:39
LanaMax kako10:39
klepet_49289 (5bbf3e7a@55B14CC1.FA3166FF.7DA4B05A.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:39
hanziohlady, kaj najraje kuhaš10:39
ohLadymax: tis cudak! 10:39
vodnar ( joined #klepet.10:39
maxscooterne ve če sem res10:40
hanzičudaki smo vsi, tis pa zastavonoša ohlady10:40
ohLadyhanz: tak meso ks ti denem kr u krusno pec. Izpod peke ;)10:40
maxscooterpa tudi če sem10:40
maxscootervsaj vem kaj jem10:40
ohLadylol, hanz10:40
LanaHanzi Teb tud pozdravim10:40
hanzilana, jaz se tebi klanjam in poljubljam roko10:40
ohLadymax: tis mini gurman. Mouc raje 🙃10:40
maxscooterja, gurman pa sem10:40
OriginalE tu je ljubav😁10:40
hanzistara wiener schule10:41
sportnn ( joined #klepet.10:41
torx ( joined #klepet.10:41
LanaAha vidin10:41
hanzilove is in the air10:41
ohLadylana: pazi, k hanz dvevno rahla jamo drugim. ;)10:41
OriginalLana kako si10:41
maxscootermal nas je ostal s staro dunajsko10:41
on56 ( joined #klepet.10:41
OriginalLady bod prjazna10:41
ohLadymax: ma ti mas brboncice frderbane10:41
Lina ( joined #klepet.10:41
OriginalLady pa sta ti hoce10:41
LanaVredu original pa ti10:41
Goodboy94 (klepet123@F328BDFA.2B89FCF0.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.10:41
jani ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:41
hanzijaz bom dans torteline z omako, korenčkova solata in deci novega vina10:42
OriginalMhm kuuul:)))10:42
Sergej_42 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:42
ohLadyori: a ti pa lohk yoke 🙃10:42
mara ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:42
OriginalNjam sam brez korenckove solate10:42
LanaHanzi kj ti delaš10:42
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error10:42
maxscooterLady, moje so čist ok10:42
ohLadyhanz je odvisnik ogljikovih h10:42
maxscooterprideš preverit?10:42
hanzine tortelini so kupljeni, omako in solato bom jaz naredil10:42
Goodboy94 (klepet123@F328BDFA.2B89FCF0.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Read error10:42
Goodboy94 (klepet123@F328BDFA.2B89FCF0.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.10:42
vodnar ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds10:42
klepet_54686 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:43
OriginalHanzi je jezen10:43
ohLadyja, s sulato se pugovarju cel mesec10:43
ohLadykorenje pa sunu susedu10:43
hanzinisem več, ko sem bral lana, sem se popolnoma umiril10:43
OriginalA sprsutom kao10:43
hanziskoraj nirvana10:43
hanzine, gobe10:43
ohLadyker se mu grabljica zlomila?10:43
pacek ( joined #klepet.10:43
LanaHanzi a bi ti men kosilo skuhal10:43
hanzilana bi10:43
Tevz (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:43
OriginalBi lana10:43
OriginalHanzi mislm10:44
mornarKP ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:44
LanaA kul10:44
hanzini problema, nkol nism videl v tem problem, da m kuha10:44
Mitja ( joined #klepet.10:44
Zbujen ( left #klepet.10:44
OriginalJaz raj pomijem10:44
al1984bundy ( joined #klepet.10:44
OriginalKuhanje je yabe10:44
ohLadyhaha, ori10:44
ohLadykuha je yoke10:44
ohLadypomivanje pa resno delo10:44
hanzikuhanje je mojstrovina10:44
LanaDelam ko norc pa bi mi pasalo ne kuhat10:45
OriginalLana povej kaj bos10:45
maxscootermen ni težko skuhat10:45
OriginalHanzi kuha10:45
ohLadylana: norci ne delajo, ampak druge preganjajo delat10:45
piratek ( joined #klepet.10:45
maxscooterpa pomit10:45
LanaIzi palačinke10:45
OriginalNc ni tezko kar se mora😀10:45
Foot_fetish ( joined #klepet.10:45
ohLadydrugic morda napiss: delam za male dnarje prevec. ;)10:45
starejsi-mlado ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:45
hanzisem videl v hoferu, trakovi divjega prašiča, cca 6 evrčkov10:45
trdega ( joined #klepet.10:45
OriginalTo je sladica10:45
tip-tip-chat ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:45
hanzipol bi bil dober golaž in polenta10:45
LanaMa to dovolj10:46
sandra ( joined #klepet.10:46
OriginalEhh to nimkosilo10:46
klepet_74120 ( joined #klepet.10:46
Fitneser ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:46
ohLadyo fuj . Med vojno in po vojni vec 1o let niso jedl svinj, k jedle one meso clouesko10:46
torx ( left irc: Quit: Frendi za iPhone - https://www.frendi.si10:46
brezovinkarjenja ( joined #klepet.10:46
OriginalJaz mam dons to hans:)10:46
Ex ( joined #klepet.10:46
LanaKdaj kosilo10:46
klepet_84632 (5bd13182@B20C727.2F3B300A.B2EC3BAF.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:46
OriginalA ze kosilo10:46
OriginalA ne kava10:46
OriginalKok pa je ura10:47
hanzimal čebule in korenčka prepražiti, potem dodati meso, dušiti, zaliti z pard. omako, sol poper, brinove jagode10:47
LanaKdaj bo10:47
LanaZj malca10:47
LanaKava ob enih10:47
Aljaz36 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:47
hanziorig, kaj golaž in polento10:47
OriginalHanzi a kuhas10:47
Mitja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:47
sportnn ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:47
hanzito mi je hobi10:47
OriginalDobr je10:47
punca22 ( joined #klepet.10:47
Ex ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:47
OriginalSej fajn10:47
_Perverzno_Njo ( left #klepet.10:47
hanzipoleti pa grilanje10:48
aries81 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:48
Zbujen ( joined #klepet.10:48
tine ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:48
LanaMa me nehšče met hanzi na kosilu10:48
OriginalA si spet do pozno lana10:48
hanzilana, pridi10:48
OriginalNo vids10:48
punca22 ( left irc: Quit: punca2210:48
Foot_fetish ( left #klepet.10:48
klik ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:48
OriginalLady je sla jest10:48
hanzije dost tortelinov, omako sem že včeraj naredil, samo na vrt b mogel skočiti po radič10:48
LanaPje pridem10:48
OriginalJe lacna ratala10:49
Njozadrink_Mb ( joined #klepet.10:49
Moski (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:49
Stil-metla (b04cf395@B5F38368.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:49
Stil-metlaPozdrav deloven10:49
LanaOd od šestih js v službi10:49
Tivoli ( joined #klepet.10:49
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:49
hanzijaz od 08.00 ure10:49
boris ( joined #klepet.10:49
OriginalJaz od 7h10:49
hanzitorej si po 14.00 prosta10:49
matic ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si10:50
LanaPa do štirih10:50
maxscooterdan štil od metle10:50
hanzido 16.00, kdaj pa boš pri meni jedela10:50
OriginalMetla pozdrav10:50
OriginalIb 17h10:50
Fury ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:50
LanaJa ob pol petih10:50
LanaNadure delam10:50
OriginalBit ce para10:51
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:51
OriginalOna prnese sladico hanz10:51
mamo (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:51
hanzisicer nisem nek fan sladic10:51
Absolutno_nezen ( joined #klepet.10:51
OriginalTi si cudn10:51
hanzidovolj, da ona pride, to je sladica10:51
LanaJz delam hanz ti kuhaš10:51
OriginalDej nehi😀10:51
Bernard (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:51
SANdMAN (d5057447@1781E0F8.DCA7C4F8.87753F49.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:51
OriginalLana kej novga:)))10:52
tip36 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si10:52
Hoten43 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:52
sandra ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds10:52
klepet_74120 ( left #klepet.10:52
LanaMa vse po starem10:52
OriginalZakva ze10:52
LanaMa kr laufam jst10:52
hanziokoli vratu se je umla10:52
simon_says ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:53
hanzida ne boš pregorela lana10:53
ModrookaRjavolaska34 ( joined #klepet.10:53
ocka ( joined #klepet.10:53
simon_says ( joined #klepet.10:53
LanaMislim život10:53
OriginalPa verizco dol dala10:53
BDSMzabavaLJVesna, Anja, Nina?10:53
hanzihuh, kakšna je to bsdm zabava10:53
LanaHanzi če bom te me najdeš na ukc10:53
hanzihuh, na ukc...tam je vse u kur10:54
OriginalBudala dej sam mal😁10:54
OriginalLana sta pricas gluposti10:54
vodnar ( joined #klepet.10:54
hanzikončno bo dir in str. dir dobila nogo10:54
_zrajcan (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) joined #klepet.10:54
hanzitreba biti zdrav, čim dlje, pa čim manj tablet10:54
Zazy315 ( joined #klepet.10:55
klepet_297 (5bbf3e7a@55B14CC1.FA3166FF.7DA4B05A.IP) joined #klepet.10:55
LanaOriginal tebi fajn,ma ja ne pričam glupe stvari10:55
Originalsta fali tabletom10:55
hanzikadim ne, trimam, zdravo jem, no tu in tam kaj popijem10:55
OriginalPol misls zdrav umret10:55
OriginalLana noo10:55
OriginalNi ravn tko;)10:55
hanzine vem, sem zadnjič restan krompir na svinj. masti naredil, huh, je bil dober10:55
OriginalTo ti pa je greh10:56
LanaŠe 5minut10:56
LanaPa da radim10:56
hanzipravi restan krompir se dela na svinj. masti10:56
OriginalJst grem pol na kavo10:56
mente (53674a18@6FC5947.A3FA0CD7.A53B4403.IP) joined #klepet.10:56
hanzijaz pa na pošto10:56
BDSMparKP--njo (5427d51c@393CF1E1.7DCADCBB.912C2C47.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:56
LanaMa vsi doma al kaj10:56
OriginalKva smo usklajeni10:56
tulipan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:56
Zdravnik ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:56
OriginalTi delas10:56
hanzine, jaz sem v službi10:56
LanaJst pa delam10:57
hanzilana bi mi lahko na kolenih sedela10:57
al1984bundy ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:57
OriginalHanzi je kuhar10:57
Stil-metla (b04cf395@B5F38368.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:57
Trd (b04cf288@30EC1EC0.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.10:57
vodnar ( left #klepet.10:57
LanaLepo vam10:57
OriginalLana glavo gor10:58
klepet_297 (5bbf3e7a@55B14CC1.FA3166FF.7DA4B05A.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:58
klepet_65806 ( joined #klepet.10:58
hanzilana, samo gas pa dolge luči10:58
Papillon37 ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds10:58
LanaOk dobim kosilo,kj pol pa dobro masažo hrbta10:58
OriginalTa je ze trd ratal od vsega hudga😁10:58
ModrookaRjavolaska34 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si10:59
Mystic ( joined #klepet.10:59
OriginalHanz ma vse lana😁10:59
hanzitrd se je zbudil, mogoče nima več pulza10:59
LanaOriginal sj rinem naprej10:59
starejsi-starejso ( joined #klepet.10:59
OriginalZdravo ja10:59
hanzievo, to cenim, starejši, roka10:59
LanaHanzi laufam 100na uro10:59
OriginalHi hitler10:59
OriginalLana da se naus spotaknla10:59
njoza (d59de279@92D95849.7BEE4D90.6998B97D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si10:59
hanzida vsaj 1 ne išče neko mlajšo, pa vsi bi mlajše10:59
LanaA me uloviš11:00
Action: ohLady mlada, tut v starko se nasemim11:00
starejsi-starejsojas ne delam konkurnce haha11:00
hanziorig, a veš, da je to kaznivo v nemčiji, če tako pozdraviš11:00
Trd (b04cf288@30EC1EC0.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:00
OriginalAja u jebemo11:00
hanziv avstriji pa prekršek11:00
OriginalLana te ujamem ja11:00
BDSMzabavaLJ ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:00
LanaOk padam11:00
hanzipr nas bi ti globo napisali, če bi se to drl na ulici, kršiš javni red in mir11:01
limunn (frendi@809CDFD2.5C7F0937.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.11:01
OriginalUglavnem odde glava😀11:01
OriginalNe seee11:01
limunnlana je tip 11:01
LanaAjd pol se beremo11:01
OriginalAja kul11:01
hanzio ježemarija in jožef11:01
en_porocen ( joined #klepet.11:01
OriginalJaz pa beyba11:01
Njozadrink_Mb ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:01
hanzia re lana, zdaj pa pod pas poglej, kaj si....11:01
OriginalSta si ti limun11:01
Lina ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:01
OriginalE super11:01
Ela ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:01
LanaRajs ti hanzi11:01
ohLadylimun ni limeta11:01
LanaMorm it pri kavi nazaj11:02
Andro (c2f992ed@B9ACF5CF.C1151E2E.50418185.IP) joined #klepet.11:02
hanziče bo treba11:02
limunnlana a ti lahko prdnes k ga maš not??11:02
Andro (c2f992ed@B9ACF5CF.C1151E2E.50418185.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:02
OriginalJaoo crni konj11:02
Lana (b04cf368@EEEC2D5A.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:02
hanzilp lana11:02
kobe88 ( joined #klepet.11:02
ohLadylimun: a ti lohk kihnes z odprtimi ucmi?11:02
OriginalA ti sploh lohka prdnes11:02
kobe88 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:02
limunnse userjem se lahko11:02
hanzia tist sirijec je spal v parlamentu11:03
ohLadylimun je cartoon lik zgolj.11:03
limunnlady kolko uđe utebe? 11:03
OriginalLady ti sve znas11:03
Mystic ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 za iPhone - https://www.klepet123.si11:03
ohLadylimun: kolko izadje iz tebe na dnevnoj bazi?11:03
hanzial pri tem poslancu11:03
milan ( joined #klepet.11:03
limunn7.6 kila11:03
hanzihuh, to pa je velik kupček11:03
ohLadylimun prolijeva11:04
OriginalNe rab kila11:04
limunntrdi 11:04
limunnko beton11:04
hanzihuh, te daje zlata žila11:04
jonni (c14d0d56@818C61A.E86F55E3.B13B4DFC.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:04
ohLadyhaha hanz11:04
ModrookaRjavolaska34 ( joined #klepet.11:04
OriginalMal mehcalca ulij11:04
hanzihemeroidi rules11:04
limunnbas fino k te supak boli11:04
hanziče tako na beton kakaš11:04
klepet_65806 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:04
klepet_88535 ( joined #klepet.11:05
ohLadymisl zdej k ma zlato zilo, da ne sme nubene slike na steno ubest, da crno zlato ne pricurlja11:05
nasmejan ( joined #klepet.11:05
Andrej ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:05
hanzimorm reči, da me je lana mal zrajcala11:05
trdbisex (c109136e@BAB9A4AC.FE1A0DD9.E33ACB9D.IP) joined #klepet.11:05
hanzisem kr horny postal11:05
OriginalSej nc ni nardila11:05
limunnhamzo med vrata ga pripri11:06
ohLadyhanz: tis horni sele, k use mimo, cudn.11:06
OriginalTi si od nc horny11:06
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error11:06
hanzijah tako na nadčutnem področju11:06
ohLadyhanz je nadcutno zmeden11:06
hanzinič ni od nič11:06
resennjo (d59de279@92D95849.7BEE4D90.6998B97D.IP) joined #klepet.11:06
OriginalNema nista11:06
limunnodo da kakam11:06
savio ( joined #klepet.11:06
OriginalJa udzem u cutno11:06
hanziče hočeš v tujki11:06
limunn (frendi@809CDFD2.5C7F0937.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si11:07
OriginalAjd limuun11:07
ohLadyhanz: kuko pol konteplacijo izvajas nor?11:07
hanzikoga izvajam11:07
OriginalKaj to pomen11:07
ohLadysej se sama ne vem11:07
on36 ( joined #klepet.11:07
OriginalSta onda pricas11:07
hanzibi, a da ne uđe11:07
on36 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi za iPhone - https://www.frendi.si11:08
Maribo ( joined #klepet.11:08
savio ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:08
ohLadyskratka....pujasn obcinstvu, kuko je bit horni v tvoji bori domisljiji?11:08
fitko36 (c15ffbc6@120DF47A.B03B7DA3.320E7D51.IP) joined #klepet.11:08
Andrej ( joined #klepet.11:08
hanzikako je že nek stari slov politik, komunajzer rekel, si noseč ali nisi noseč11:08
trdega ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:08
OriginalLady zakaj si taka11:08
Nick change: Maribo -> Mariborcan3711:08
primorc30 (563d2273@D3E4E2F0.2A0A221B.D5B76ED9.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:08
lezbika ( joined #klepet.11:08
ohLadyori: glej in se uci11:08
klepetko ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:08
le-jst ( joined #klepet.11:09
OriginalJa nista ne vidim11:09
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.11:09
Tevz (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.11:09
ocka ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:09
ohLadyori je slep, ceprau ima dva uca11:09
OriginalMam 311:09
Moski (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.11:09
ohLadyori sepa, ceprav ima nogi dve11:09
hanzikaj pravite, se mi vsi zavijemo v belo rjuho, pa se vležemo pred parlament, da nas peljejo na zastonj kosilo11:09
Nezen (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.11:10
soncek39 ( joined #klepet.11:10
ohLadypri jecla, ceprau ima en jezik, dolg11:10
ohLadyhanz: haha, ti mas ideje za v knjigo11:10
zanimiv1 ( left #klepet.11:10
Klemen ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:10
zanimiv1 ( joined #klepet.11:10
hanzivsi smo izbegljice11:10
OriginalLady ma sam 1 glavo pa se dela da ma 2😀11:10
ohLadyori. to bi lohk zgolj zasepetal 🙃11:11
Moski (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:11
OriginalSej sem11:11
ModrookaRjavolaska34 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:11
OriginalOkkk alora11:11
OriginalFajnnn bodte se naprej11:11
hanzialora se vidjamo11:11
hanzi ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:11
Original ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:11
torx ( joined #klepet.11:12
Tevz (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:12
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sladek_cokoladekprieten pozdrav in dobrodošla dama  ;)11:24
trdbisexičem vezanega bisex...11:24
maxscooterdan Dama11:24
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PogovorOmojiwof wof :311:25
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neznanidober dan želim11:42
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Nick change: klepet_24645 -> Dragon11:44
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Dragonajde jebemti mal oladite s temle klikanjem ko pride nekdo pod klepet gor :D počakte minuto vsaj :D11:45
podsb ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:45
JANTAR47Mdragon hijene tut ne čakajo ko se plen pojavi11:45
Iztok ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:45
puncka (598fd9c0@18A407D7.2A14271E.58A92C2F.IP) joined #klepet.11:45
Dragonsej ti si bil tud parkrat med tem hijenami :D11:46
JANTAR47Mse strinjam11:46
JANTAR47Mampak samo pri poznanih11:46
klepet_68795 (b04cf248@F830793E.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.11:46
Maj ( joined #klepet.11:46
JANTAR47Mdrgač se mi pa ne da11:46
simon_says ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:46
simon_says ( joined #klepet.11:46
_MaNgO_bmk (598e026a@781D4456.186F1AE7.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.11:46
Dragonno no :D ene trikrat si me kliknu k sm pršu gor pod klepet11:46
simon_says ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:46
erwer (c3f5fa02@9E65F7EB.CF99322B.1E9689F4.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:46
Vezan ( joined #klepet.11:47
Dragonkje's mango11:47
urejen45 (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:47
_MaNgO_bmkseos dragon11:47
Dragonkako kej11:47
JANTAR47Mtebe nikol11:47
JANTAR47Mto mi pa vrjem11:47
_MaNgO_bmkma vredo11:47
Absolutno_nezen ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:47
_MaNgO_bmkpa ti11:47
JANTAR47Msi pa malo pobrkljal11:47
klepet_89191 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:47
Dragonmore da gre drgač pa porinemo :D11:47
on50 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:47
Dragonpol je pa še en jantar 47m11:47
_MaNgO_bmkpa itak sj tak je prav11:47
Dragonal je un 4611:47
JANTAR47Mnimam pojma11:47
JANTAR47Mitak pa znajo krast nike11:48
mojster ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:48
JANTAR47Mnaj če jim paše11:48
Barman ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:48
Dragon(vedno je to dobr izgovor)11:48
urejen45 (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.11:48
JANTAR47Mse strinjam s tabo11:48
starejsa ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:48
primorc ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:48
JANTAR47Mzase pa vem  koga klikam če že11:48
Dragonno nima veze11:49
JANTAR47Mmed njimi pa ti nisi11:49
JANTAR47Mjebemo sapo11:49
On47 (a5e391f0@4A6AB2AA.66E197.1F07FF63.IP) joined #klepet.11:49
Natakar ( joined #klepet.11:49
modr ( joined #klepet.11:49
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Mucek ( joined #klepet.11:50
osamljena (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) joined #klepet.11:50
_MaNgO_bmksm si reku da ne bom kliknu vsake, no dans bom naredu izjemo pa bom vsako drugo11:50
Dragonvso so za klepet samo pravilno morš začet11:50
neznanijaz si pa samo želim11:51
Dojiljo ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:51
neznanida me klikne katera11:51
_MaNgO_bmkti si kr zel se naprej11:51
neznaniki si želi malo iskrenega pogovora11:51
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.11:51
Chivas ( joined #klepet.11:51
neznaniker ko vas berem11:51
Dragonneznani to si morš vzet ne pa čakat11:51
neznanida sploh ni čudno11:52
_MaNgO_bmkja sam ne vsake vzet11:52
Dragonmango te lohka kej nauči glede tega11:52
neznanida se nobena noče pogovarjat11:52
Srbin ( joined #klepet.11:52
Krsko ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:52
Moski ( joined #klepet.11:52
urejen45 (b04cf1ef@A8B123ED.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:52
Gladek ( joined #klepet.11:52
Dragonnč ej glej naprej11:52
_MaNgO_bmkkle zenske mislijo da majo zlato med nogami11:52
Krsko ( joined #klepet.11:53
_MaNgO_bmkverjem da ga nimajo :D11:53
klepet_68795 (b04cf248@F830793E.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:53
obdarjenvprašanje je samo če sploh je tu kira ženska sploh11:53
Dragonnekdo je enkrat reku tuki.... pička nije šampon da se troši11:53
neznaninisem tu dolgo11:53
_MaNgO_bmkto se tud lahk vprasas ja11:53
neznania ko pridem11:53
on56 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:53
neznaniisti nicki11:53
Dragonneznani veš da od enkrat ne rataš gej ?11:53
neznaniiste fore11:53
punca22 ( joined #klepet.11:54
_MaNgO_bmkeh neznani nic ne zamujas11:54
_MaNgO_bmkbols it na pir11:54
on55-njodiskretno ( joined #klepet.11:54
_MaNgO_bmkk pa da kle kaj isces11:54
neznanipa pojdite malo v realo11:54
neznaniče kaj ne prikrivate11:54
_MaNgO_bmkkdo a mi al babe11:54
zbegana ( left #klepet.11:54
Porocen48 ( joined #klepet.11:54
neznanidokler boš ženski rekel11:54
neznanida je baba11:55
_MaNgO_bmkja in11:55
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error11:55
VezanBuzeranti prikrivajo hehe11:55
neznanine bo nič bolje11:55
neznanikako da te ni sram11:55
_MaNgO_bmkej se ne sikiram11:55
_MaNgO_bmkdj ne delaj se pametnega11:55
neznanial nimaš nič spoštovanja di žensk ?11:55
Chivas ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:55
_MaNgO_bmkvidim kok ga mas ti da na javnem prosis da te kliknejo, stari pa valda bos gentleman pa bos ti naredu prvi korak11:56
VezanK neznanega zgrabi buzy bo prec spreobrnjen haha11:56
_MaNgO_bmkal si tok samozavesten da mislis da bo ona11:56
punca22 ( left irc: Quit: punca2211:56
_MaNgO_bmkvezan sj to je to11:56
_MaNgO_bmkzato pa pros po javnem11:56
neznanivezan  tebi pa priporočam11:56
Mucek ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:56
_MaNgO_bmkmislim ker dripec neznani11:56
prlecka ( joined #klepet.11:57
neznanida naredi nekaj11:57
neznanida ne boš več11:57
klepet_42257 ( joined #klepet.11:57
neznania sploh bereš11:57
_MaNgO_bmkno dj ne bit pameten11:57
neznanikaj napišeš11:57
_MaNgO_bmksem kle od samga zacetka pa vem kake so babe kle11:57
klepet_15112 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:57
Dragonneznani klikn kšno žensko pa je11:57
_MaNgO_bmkni kle prihodnosti11:57
Dragonnč dramatizirat11:57
ona49 ( joined #klepet.11:57
_MaNgO_bmkpa prosit jih11:58
_MaNgO_bmkkero samospostovanje mas11:58
_MaNgO_bmkse vid da si skoz na suhem11:58
rok ( joined #klepet.11:58
klepet_89675 ( joined #klepet.11:58
Krsko ( left irc: Quit: chat.si11:58
Papillon37 ( joined #klepet.11:58
injjaa ( joined #klepet.11:58
trdbisex (c109136e@BAB9A4AC.FE1A0DD9.E33ACB9D.IP) joined #klepet.11:58
VezanMalo se pogubu na depresivnih ali psihotične. Saj bo boljši neznani znani11:58
Tevz (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si11:58
injjaaNE KLIKITE MEE11:58
trdbisexiščem vezanega bisex..11:58
neznaninekaj mi verjemi11:59
zanimiv1 ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds11:59
VezanNeznan te bo Haha11:59
Tevz (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.11:59
_MaNgO_bmkja dj si moski nick pa te ne bodo KLIKALI11:59
neznaniimam vse kar ti nimaš11:59
neznanicelo kulturo11:59
klepet_42257tle so same fantastične kokoške,yafostrirane,niskotne itk...11:59
neznaniče ti lahko pomagam ti bom11:59
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.11:59
VezanEvo neznan.trdi te išče Haha11:59
neznania na tvoj nivo se ne bi spuščal11:59
Dragonneznani pravš da maš vse kar on nima, zakaj pol neki govoriš kar ti manjka če maš vse?12:00
injjaaTi kulture nimas12:00
_MaNgO_bmkno dj ka si ziher 20 pa mislis da je ceu svet tvoj12:00
Zazy315 ( left irc: Read error12:00
neznanine vem komu se smejiš12:00
neznanimogoče sebi12:00
neznaniberi se12:00
dya33 (5427d51a@6E2FBD92.7DCADCBB.912C2C47.IP) joined #klepet.12:00
direktor ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:00
Dragonno neznani odogovor12:00
b ( joined #klepet.12:00
injjaaNimate kulture12:00
Dragoninija nekateri jo imamo12:00
klepet_42257kdo bo prvi butno koga v jajce ???12:00
_MaNgO_bmkti jo pa mas k mas 300 nickov12:01
klepet_66738 ( joined #klepet.12:01
neznanikdo to ?12:01
neznanijaz samo tega12:01
Action: Dragon prisede k inijjaa in ji ponudi pijačo po izbiri12:01
VezanInja.cmok na pico12:01
miha ( joined #klepet.12:01
nooel (frendi@14E9AA43.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:01
klepet_42257na češpljo12:02
_MaNgO_bmkon43 dj se enkrat za injo12:02
_MaNgO_bmkda vidimo en moski nick vmes12:02
injjaaBog no daj da se kje v javnosti pokazete12:02
VezanHaha.ti si bolj kulturen k seljak12:02
nagajiv ( joined #klepet.12:02
Princ (5bd13182@B20C727.2F3B300A.B2EC3BAF.IP) joined #klepet.12:02
Ela ( joined #klepet.12:02
neznanimeni ni to problem12:02
Dragoninijjaa še vedno lahko na lep al pa grd način odsloviš koga12:02
zanimiv1 ( joined #klepet.12:03
neznaninekaterim pa bi verjetno bil12:03
starejsi-starejsoojla deklice12:03
osebni_trener ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:03
VezanInja. Kje se vsi dobimo.v Tivoliju Haha12:03
_MaNgO_bmk: injjaa, jina, drkam, hana, zan. injjaa12:03
Andro (c2f992ed@B9ACF5CF.C1151E2E.50418185.IP) joined #klepet.12:03
krena37 ( joined #klepet.12:03
_MaNgO_bmkka to si tip al baba12:03
bikec45 (5427d516@BE2314DD.7DCADCBB.912C2C47.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:03
Andro (c2f992ed@B9ACF5CF.C1151E2E.50418185.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:03
VezanNe.ded munjen je to12:04
injjaaKultura dans je vazna ce vas srarci tefa nisi12:04
_MaNgO_bmkti se pa dragon kr zravn used12:04
injjaaDost slabo12:04
pitoon40 (frendi@A49661A5.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds12:04
_MaNgO_bmkti klepet pa kr na mosko cespljo12:04
Fury ( joined #klepet.12:04
Vezan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:04
klepet_89675 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:04
zanimiv1 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si12:05
zanimiv1 ( joined #klepet.12:05
injjaaSej velik jih dons nima kulture12:05
Natakar ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:05
nooel (frendi@14E9AA43.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error12:05
injjaaPa realnega zivljenja tudi nd12:06
osebni_trener ( joined #klepet.12:06
injjaa ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:06
injjaa ( joined #klepet.12:06
Majhi, a je kdo na #gej12:06
_MaNgO_bmkja inijaa je gay12:06
bdan marija12:06
Renata ( joined #klepet.12:06
celjan (598e05cf@B0D70342.1021430D.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:07
celjan (598e05cf@B0D70342.1021430D.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.12:07
Dragonnajbolš da se vsak ženski nick prever prvo xD12:07
brezovinkarjenja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:07
celjan (598e05cf@B0D70342.1021430D.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: celjan12:07
injjaaRealnega zivljenja vi nimate12:07
Renata ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:07
_zrajcan (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:07
_MaNgO_bmkja dragon a ti kaj druga preostane :D12:07
Dragonmango v reali zagrabš spod al pa že po videzu vidš :D12:07
klepet_42257injaa:ne bluzi12:08
Dragontuki pa pač na drug način12:08
_MaNgO_bmkja ne tko nahitr12:08
Dragonzihr je zihr :D12:08
_MaNgO_bmktreba prvo mal napelat  na to12:08
Lulaj_po_meni ( joined #klepet.12:08
Dragonmango več k šamar ne morš dobit al pa brco v jajca :D12:08
_MaNgO_bmkkr zagrabit nemors, pol te kr cudn gleda pa se preverzen si povrh12:08
neznanikot berem su tu samo otroci12:09
neznanikaj je pouk odpadel ?12:09
klepet_77817 ( joined #klepet.12:09
Dragonmango drgač pa itak da ne morš kr tko na hitr12:09
bdan marija12:09
neznaniali špricate ?12:09
_MaNgO_bmkjs sm meu vceri bivso na ubisku, pa ve da se mi oprijete hlace ful dopadejo, pa jih je mela gor, pismo sm jo kr med noge pogledu, kak se ji je picka vidla adijooo12:09
Dragontrebab it direktn ampak ne spet preveč12:09
martin (frendi@35AF716A.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:09
Dragonzanalašč mal dražila12:09
_MaNgO_bmkpa vidla je k sm jo pogledu12:10
injjaaSola brez veze12:10
_MaNgO_bmkona lahk drazi12:10
_swinger (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) joined #klepet.12:10
_MaNgO_bmkni dzabe bivsa12:10
_MaNgO_bmkkrivo ji je k grem v paris12:10
_MaNgO_bmkpa rojstn dan ma v soboto12:10
injjaaA grem lohk stabi12:10
_MaNgO_bmktak da jo dans mal pelem vn12:10
_MaNgO_bmknemores z mano12:11
pohoten (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:11
_MaNgO_bmkgrem sluzbeno12:11
krena37 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si12:11
klepet_77817 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:11
Princ (5bd13182@B20C727.2F3B300A.B2EC3BAF.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:11
_MaNgO_bmken parfumcek ji morm kupot12:11
Dragonhm.... bi tud jest mogu jt mal v pariz jt kolegico  pogledat12:11
Dragonže kr lep cajt nism bil tm12:11
_MaNgO_bmkkak idiot sm js, vsak let ji neki kupim12:11
martin (frendi@35AF716A.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error12:12
_MaNgO_bmkse vid da mora dnar krozit12:12
Dragonmango očitno ti še vedno mal pomen12:12
tip-tip-chat ( joined #klepet.12:12
_MaNgO_bmkja sj jo mam rad12:12
puncka (598fd9c0@18A407D7.2A14271E.58A92C2F.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:12
injjaaJa ne ji nc kupt12:12
_MaNgO_bmksam to je tud vse12:12
direktor ( joined #klepet.12:12
tip-tip-chatdober dan12:12
Dragontud to je zadost da take malenkosti za njo nardiš12:12
prijazen ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:13
rebeka ( joined #klepet.12:13
neznanipotem veš kje je grič umetnikov v parizu12:13
_MaNgO_bmkma sj vedn k grem na ubisk tasci prnesem najdrazje vino, bonbonjere, vedno12:13
Anze33 ( joined #klepet.12:13
pacek ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:13
_MaNgO_bmkampak lej12:13
_MaNgO_bmkma pa dva psa od moje here, tak da nekaj me veze na....njo12:13
Dragonvsaj to12:13
rebeka ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si12:14
injjaaAsi na dolgem mostu12:14
_MaNgO_bmksj ni druga pogresam ono kmecko zivljenje, drgac je kmetica :D12:14
_MaNgO_bmkampak kle gor ji nobena do gleznjev ne seze12:15
dolenc ( joined #klepet.12:15
Dragontaka bi bla direkt zame xD12:15
_mateja_ ( joined #klepet.12:15
_MaNgO_bmkne bi bla12:15
podjetnik-njej ( joined #klepet.12:15
_mateja_ ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si12:15
Dragonaja je bl fensy12:15
borut ( joined #klepet.12:15
_MaNgO_bmkdokler mene ni spoznala ni vedla kaj je stala al pa grablje12:15
_MaNgO_bmkja je kr fency12:15
Dragonaham mi je jasno zdej12:15
jonni (c14d0d56@818C61A.E86F55E3.B13B4DFC.IP) joined #klepet.12:16
_MaNgO_bmksam dragon na menini planini ma 57 hektarjev gozda pa pasnikov12:16
Anze33fensi slat12:16
_MaNgO_bmkma vec k mi kle vsi12:16
Zet-je-tasco ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:16
Dragonče maš velko kmetijo pol rabš tud več hektarjev zemle12:16
osamljena (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:16
injjaaMango iz kje si12:17
_MaNgO_bmkampak mene njeno premozenje nikol ni zanimal, se s svojim ne vem kak bom ce sm skoz v tujini12:17
Anze33ka pa delaš v tujini?12:17
_MaNgO_bmkne dragon oce njen pokojni je biu velik kmet12:17
Tine ( joined #klepet.12:17
Dragonsej to mn maš lastništva nad nečem mn se sekiraš kaj in kako s tem12:17
bsx ( joined #klepet.12:17
Dragonja a družina ni prevzela tega12:17
rok ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:17
_MaNgO_bmkanze zdle sm cevarijo, zdj sm pa siht zamenju pa grem elektriko delat12:17
polnajajca ( joined #klepet.12:17
klepet_5593 ( joined #klepet.12:17
Nick change: bsx -> klepet542512:17
_MaNgO_bmkni mogla dragon12:17
Anze33 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:18
_MaNgO_bmkce je ona dedic edini12:18
babi ( joined #klepet.12:18
_MaNgO_bmkinjaa ni vazn iz kje sem12:18
klepet_30697 ( joined #klepet.12:18
Dragoninjjaa iz tm kjer še sonce ne posije :D12:18
_MaNgO_bmkiz hribov12:18
_MaNgO_bmkzravn gozda12:18
Dragonmango je vampir iz gorjancev12:19
tian ( joined #klepet.12:19
on55-njodiskretno ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:19
_MaNgO_bmknajnizji hrib je viso 53012:19
direktor ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:19
on3 ( joined #klepet.12:19
klemn ( joined #klepet.12:19
Zen01 ( joined #klepet.12:19
Dragonskor tok nizko k v črni gori :D12:19
_MaNgO_bmkgorjanci so lepi konci12:19
soncek39 ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si12:19
Dragonitak da so12:19
klepet_42257Mango, ti  veliko nakladaš ,ona te ne jebe za suho slivo ,se mizdi ,ti samo misliš da je tko12:19
_MaNgO_bmkseveda js sm vojsko sluzo dol12:19
martin (frendi@35AF716A.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:20
soncek39 ( joined #klepet.12:20
_MaNgO_bmkkdo me jebe12:20
Dragontok si že str :O12:20
claraa (563d61d1@8A5CB20.FF1BDF21.D5B76ED9.IP) joined #klepet.12:20
_MaNgO_bmkprostovoljno sm odsluzo12:20
_MaNgO_bmkhotu sm bit vojak12:20
Dragon6 mescov ?12:20
martin (frendi@35AF716A.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error12:20
_MaNgO_bmk3 sm meu js12:20
_MaNgO_bmkal 412:20
Majhi, a bi kdo na #gej12:20
klepet_42257haha ta je dobra ,jaaaaaa12:20
on3 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:20
_MaNgO_bmkmislim da je blo 312:20
Dragonjest sm šl za 612:20
_MaNgO_bmkja kam si sou12:21
Zen01moški, on4312:21
babi ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:21
_MaNgO_bmkja kdaj12:21
on43ja vidm )12:21
Dragontkrt k ti :D12:21
Zen01beden je tak folk, on4312:21
_MaNgO_bmkne nisi sou k js12:21
injjaa ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:21
_MaNgO_bmkjs sm sou 12 let nazaj12:21
neznanipoček je v postojni12:21
on43ful ga je tukej12:21
_MaNgO_bmk20 sm biu12:21
on43žensk skor ni12:21
Dragonaja jest sm šl 2 let prej12:22
_MaNgO_bmkpocek je pri vipavi12:22
klepet_42257 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:22
Zen01da bi vsaj v imenu imeli CD, TS, Moški_ženska pa je mir12:22
_MaNgO_bmkne vipava12:22
Zen01maš pol filter12:22
Zen01naj gredo na take tisti ki na to palijo12:22
_MaNgO_bmkdol ka je ze no12:22
Tevz (b04cf15f@9BA17C27.768F5475.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:22
Dragonpoček je postojna dečko12:22
_MaNgO_bmkni postojna12:22
dolenc ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:22
_swingerseveda je12:22
_MaNgO_bmkmal vn je12:22
Dragonmal naprej od postojne je raketna baza 20km naprej je poček12:22
_swingerpri vipavi so mlake12:22
neznanigreš preko mosta v postojni12:22
Dragonal clo mn nism zihr12:22
neznaniin v hrib12:22
_MaNgO_bmkto je tko da bi js reku bloska polica poligon je v unco12:22
_MaNgO_bmkpa ni12:22
_MaNgO_bmkmal vn je12:22
_MaNgO_bmkpocek je pivka12:23
Dragondobr no to je okolica postojne12:23
injjaa ( joined #klepet.12:23
Zen01sam očitno vojska ki je nastanjena v Postojni12:23
_MaNgO_bmkje a ni12:23
Zen01tam trenira12:23
injjaaPride kdo na kosiu12:23
Dragonvsi grej otja12:23
neznanieno leto smo hodili skoraj vsaki dan12:23
Dragonne samo iz postojne12:23
neznanipa žweriblje12:23
Zen01injjaa: prvo bodi normalen12:23
_MaNgO_bmkmi smo na pocku pozar zanetli12:23
Zen01in nosi moški nick, ne pa se špilati da si baba12:23
cd_18 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:24
Obdarjen_gospod ( joined #klepet.12:24
Zen01lahko te je sram injjaa12:24
_swinger (43d70dea@C4514836.67667802.FD63B51A.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:24
inxs (d58f56ec@C7F45A39.CF7FC58A.110F84B7.IP) joined #klepet.12:24
sladek_cokoladek ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:24
injjaaZenska sem12:24
_MaNgO_bmktam smo z malokalbrsko zgal, pol pa s kalasnikom na 800m sm kr od sovojaka tarco zadel12:24
Dragonenkrat se je en vrgu 5cm pred topovsko granato k ni eksplodirala na vaji xD12:24
Zen01info pravi drugače - drkam in žan sta moški12:24
Dragonto je bla panika tkrt12:24
Zen01ti nisi ženska, niti najmanj, sploh ob ostalem kupu nickov.12:24
_MaNgO_bmkjs sm lezal na solski mini12:24
PogovorOmoji ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:24
neznani ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:24
_MaNgO_bmkpa smo prekinal napad12:24
Dragonfak xD12:24
_MaNgO_bmkbi biu zdle opecen po ticu12:24
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error12:24
Zen01nevarne so te vaje zgleda12:25
Dragonno jest sm bil od tega kolega tkrt  tko 2 metra stran12:25
Zen01kaj je šele prava vojna12:25
bsx-mlad ( joined #klepet.12:25
injjaaDej st12:25
Trdikur ( joined #klepet.12:25
borut ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds12:25
injjaaPa bos videl da sem zenska12:25
Sebastjan23 ( joined #klepet.12:25
LulekCam ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:25
_MaNgO_bmkjs sm biu inzinirska enota, mine pa eksploziv so bli moje vrlina12:25
_nastja_ (d9485dcd@6B63CF16.CA7C696F.456092F9.IP) joined #klepet.12:25
Dragoninjjaa napiš na list papirja datum pa uro in se sliki s tvojim telesom12:25
_MaNgO_bmkajde inja12:26
ona49 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:26
dya33 (5427d51a@6E2FBD92.7DCADCBB.912C2C47.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:27
_MaNgO_bmknc ne zvoni samsung12:27
klepet_30092 ( joined #klepet.12:27
inxsobdarjen, kr na javno, js ne privatkam :)12:27
nasmejan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:27
klepet5425 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:27
Obdarjen_gospod ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si12:27
Dragonsej ti nikol ne bo :D12:27
fant ( joined #klepet.12:27
_MaNgO_bmksj vem12:27
Dragondobr mam vsaj tvojo cifro zdej :D12:27
Dragonče boš kdaj kje v bližini :D12:27
_MaNgO_bmkja tale12:27
_MaNgO_bmkne bo dolg vec12:27
Dragonah pol brezveze :D12:27
_MaNgO_bmkmam ze novo v iphonu12:27
Dragonkjerga pa12:28
Dragonne rečt da 10ko12:28
_MaNgO_bmkniam nov iphone, novo cifro mam12:28
Dragonnajbl lomljiv telefon ever12:28
Obdarjentip ( joined #klepet.12:28
_MaNgO_bmkmen so 5s najbolsi telefoni, fajn je mali, pa hitr crkne ios12:28
_MaNgO_bmkmam ze 312:29
leo (frendi@6F50BCD7.31C9679F.68F6401C.IP) joined #klepet.12:29
injjaaNe klikite me potrebnezi !!!12:29
klepet_30092 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:29
_MaNgO_bmkno inja12:29
Dragonjest mam SE iphone pa mi je super12:29
soncek39 ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si12:29
prijazen ( joined #klepet.12:29
Girls_unwashed_hair ( joined #klepet.12:29
_MaNgO_bmkod petke naprej so ful v badu'12:29
Dragonkaj pa vem tale mešansa 5 in 6 kar je to ta SE je supr12:29
Dragonvsaj po izkušnjah k ga mam zdele tko 8 mescov12:29
klepet_66738 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
Trdikur ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
direktor ( joined #klepet.12:30
trdbisex (c109136e@BAB9A4AC.FE1A0DD9.E33ACB9D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
Dragonpa glede na to da je to moj prvi telefon z iosom sploh12:30
tian ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
_MaNgO_bmkaha, js sm meu prej 4 pa je biu super, pa sm sou na 5 pa ne grem vec naprej12:30
polnajajca ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
Sebastjan23 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
_Tip_NJO_za_Hot ( joined #klepet.12:30
leotatjana, ti za mene nemas mana12:30
Dragonno pol možno da so bli bolši12:30
klepet_66738 ( joined #klepet.12:30
prlecka ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
On47 (a5e391f0@4A6AB2AA.66E197.1F07FF63.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:30
miran (4d2667da@4F6DCCFE.606B1431.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:31
prlecka ( joined #klepet.12:31
Tine ( left irc: Read error12:31
Peter ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:31
Dragonsicer pa kokr vem vsi hvaljo 5ke od vedno že12:31
injjaaLeooo dej gretje12:31
injjaaZebe me12:31
Girls_unwashed_hairDober dan vsem!12:31
Dragondan girls12:31
_MaNgO_bmkja 5 so zakon dragon12:31
_MaNgO_bmksam js mam prvlke prste12:32
_MaNgO_bmkpa roko in pr men je to ful mali fon12:32
Andro (c2f992ed@B9ACF5CF.C1151E2E.50418185.IP) joined #klepet.12:32
Srbin ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:32
Stil-metla (b04cf395@B5F38368.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:32
Dragonjest pa tavelkih telefonov ne  morm met k mam skoz po žepih12:32
klepet_66738 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:32
dejan ( joined #klepet.12:32
injjaaDragon kjerga mas zdej12:33
tip36 ( joined #klepet.12:33
_MaNgO_bmkjs mam samsung galaxy mega2 sam mi ga je bivsi direktor razbiu totalka12:33
osebni_trener ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:33
Dragoniphone SE12:33
_MaNgO_bmkinja me pa tak ne poklice12:33
_MaNgO_bmkker je ded12:33
Silvia ( joined #klepet.12:33
Resn ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:33
Dragoninjjaa dokaž da nisi moški s tem kar sm reku prej  ker ip ti vrže vn same moške nicke12:33
Moski ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:33
StarejsiMb (bca62a29@EFC447B7.486D170E.BF806DAB.IP) joined #klepet.12:33
_MaNgO_bmkja dokaz12:33
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:34
inja ( joined #klepet.12:34
shark ( left irc: Read error12:34
injaZenska sem12:34
klepet_66738 ( joined #klepet.12:34
_MaNgO_bmkpoklic me12:34
Macinho ( joined #klepet.12:34
injaBriga te12:34
injaBrigite se zase12:34
injjaa ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:34
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:34
_MaNgO_bmkce si se prej sama hvalila dj cifro pa ti dokazem12:35
Foot_fetish ( joined #klepet.12:35
_MaNgO_bmkmej cifro ne me klicat12:35
policistisomivsec ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds12:35
podjetnik-njej ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:35
pia ( joined #klepet.12:35
Moski ( joined #klepet.12:36
pia ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:36
Moski ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:36
SensualBondage ( joined #klepet.12:36
klepet_66738 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:36
_MaNgO_bmkon43 dj se zame12:36
Andro (c2f992ed@B9ACF5CF.C1151E2E.50418185.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:36
Dragondobr no dost je :D12:37
SensualBondage ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:37
inxsnis biu priden hahaha12:37
klepet_9764 ( joined #klepet.12:38
klepet_99027 ( joined #klepet.12:38
klepet_66738 ( joined #klepet.12:38
b ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:38
obdarjen (5e67400c@5F211EA2.362D9361.F87E97CE.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:38
starejsi-starejsolep popoldan vsem12:38
_MaNgO_bmkteb tud lp12:38
_MaNgO_bmkni kj12:38
Lulaj_po_meni ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:38
klepet_99027 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:38
Ela ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:39
Andrej40lj (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) joined #klepet.12:39
Ela ( joined #klepet.12:39
Stil-metla (b04cf395@B5F38368.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:39
zapeljiv ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:39
starejsi-starejsoEla pozdrav12:39
klik ( joined #klepet.12:40
_MaNgO_bmkooo zdle mi je frend javu, da name moj bivsi direktor ni jezn, sj bos k izterjavalc pride12:40
Andrej40lj (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:40
klepet_3270 ( joined #klepet.12:40
klepet_5593 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:40
klepet_5593 ( joined #klepet.12:40
Dragonzakaj že12:40
Dragona ti je doln12:40
mitja ( joined #klepet.12:41
tip-tip-chatker tip za kleepetanje s tipom? ..12:41
Macinho ( left #klepet.12:41
_MaNgO_bmkdolzn mi je fon mi je razbiu, za dve osebi sm zalozu pot domou, se 100 mi je dolzn od prejsne place, se enga slovenskega minimalca, plus regres za 8 mescov12:41
klepet_89449 ( joined #klepet.12:41
Nick change: klepet_3270 -> Nobody12:41
Girls_unwashed_hair ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:42
starejsi-starejsoinja zdravo12:42
Dragonhoho pol je pa dost dolžn12:42
klepet_66738 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:42
_MaNgO_bmkzdj pa racuni fon 200e pot za dva 200e, plus 100, minimal recmo 500, pa regres tam okol 300 do 400#12:42
klepet_89449 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:42
klepet_89368 (5bd13182@B20C727.2F3B300A.B2EC3BAF.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:42
Dragonz obrestmi 1000 kumot12:42
_MaNgO_bmkcez jurja12:42
Dragonno še to12:42
Maj ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:42
dejan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:43
_MaNgO_bmkzdj se pa frajer na javi na fon12:43
klepet_5593 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:43
klepet_5593 ( joined #klepet.12:43
_MaNgO_bmkna napacnega je naletu12:43
Dragonsej se nikol ne bo ane12:43
klepet_5593 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:43
klepet_5593 ( joined #klepet.12:43
_MaNgO_bmksj ga bodo dobil12:43
Zen01FUJ IN FEJ12:43
Dragonzen sej to že vemo12:43
_MaNgO_bmkse suca v tem krogu ljudi12:43
klepet_82621 ( joined #klepet.12:43
Zen01sram ga je lahko da se skriva pod ženskim nickom12:43
Zen01kje je moški ponos!12:43
Zen01ti že nisi več moški, ti si izdajaica12:44
Zen01še geji so boljši od tebe, ko se skrivaš za ženskim nickom.12:44
Dragonmogoče ma ženske hormone :)12:44
_MaNgO_bmkdragon mislim da si zeli da pridem nazaj, sam ne'12:44
jan (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) joined #klepet.12:44
klepet_66738 ( joined #klepet.12:44
klepet_66738 ( left #klepet.12:44
_MaNgO_bmkves kolk zivcov sm mu js presparu12:44
Zen01no pa jan zraven napiše TS12:44
_MaNgO_bmkevo ti kito zdj12:44
Zen01da je tranič12:44
Zen01naj zraven12:44
Zen01pa je rešeno12:44
on36 ( joined #klepet.12:45
_MaNgO_bmkzen ka se tak sikiras12:45
Dragondrgač pa ne sodi če ne poznaš12:45
_MaNgO_bmkko jih jebe12:45
on36 ( left irc: Quit: on3612:45
klepet_88823 (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) joined #klepet.12:45
Zen01ma debili so mi12:45
_MaNgO_bmkinja me pa se ni poklicala12:45
Zen01jih dobiš12:45
Zen01da lažejo12:45
Zen01pa še naprej lažejo da so ženska12:45
_MaNgO_bmkje rekla dj cifro12:45
_MaNgO_bmkpa nc12:45
Dragonredkokatera ženska tok piše po javnem12:45
prlecka ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:45
Zen01sploh pa neka12:45
Dragonrazn ene parih rednih no12:45
Zen01ki bi kar tipa vabila na kosilo12:45
_nastja_ (d9485dcd@6B63CF16.CA7C696F.456092F9.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:45
Zen01to je že sumljivo samo po sebi12:45
_MaNgO_bmkja ne znajo picke leda prbit na javnem12:46
klepet_9764 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:46
Zbujen ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:46
_MaNgO_bmkgrem js segedinar jest12:46
Zen01ajde jaz tudi12:46
Maja ( joined #klepet.12:46
Dragonma znajo smao nočjo12:46
jurchek ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds12:46
klepet_5593 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:46
veteran (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:46
Dragondobr tek obema12:46
sandra ( joined #klepet.12:46
_MaNgO_bmkitak dragon ne bodo pokazale sebe na javnem12:46
starejsi-starejsodober tek12:46
_MaNgO_bmkhvala dragon12:46
bigcook ( joined #klepet.12:46
miha ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:46
klepet_24295 ( joined #klepet.12:46
sandra ( left irc: Read error12:47
Dragondobra roba se ne kaže javno xD12:47
neznani ( joined #klepet.12:47
veteran (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:47
sportnik (5427d518@AE24916D.7DCADCBB.912C2C47.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:47
sandra ( joined #klepet.12:47
ales ( joined #klepet.12:48
klepet_3841 ( joined #klepet.12:48
Fury ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:48
trdbisex (c109136e@BAB9A4AC.FE1A0DD9.E33ACB9D.IP) joined #klepet.12:48
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starejsa ( joined #klepet.12:48
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damjan ( joined #klepet.12:48
sandra ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si12:49
neznanikaj novega12:49
neznanizopet siv dan12:49
Nobody ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:49
klepet_3841 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:49
vzdrzevalec (5427d518@AE24916D.7DCADCBB.912C2C47.IP) joined #klepet.12:49
_MaNgO_bmk (598e026a@781D4456.186F1AE7.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:50
jurchek (jurchek08@CBE477E4.23D43369.D5B76ED9.IP) joined #klepet.12:50
Tomaz31 ( joined #klepet.12:50
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prlecka ( joined #klepet.12:51
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sandra ( joined #klepet.12:52
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gay ( joined #klepet.12:52
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inja ( joined #klepet.12:52
njo_iz_ms ( joined #klepet.12:53
mariborcan2 (klepet123@DE39EB4B.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:53
sandra ( left irc: Read error12:53
sandra ( joined #klepet.12:53
inxsbreaking the habit12:53
prijazen ( joined #klepet.12:53
gay ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:53
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.12:53
mariborcan2DISKRETNO STAJERKO12:54
inja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:54
soncek39 ( joined #klepet.12:54
StarejsiMbdan maja12:54
inja ( joined #klepet.12:54
sandra ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si12:54
Zen01siv dan12:54
Zen01mene ne moti :)12:55
Zen01itak bo čez 4 ure tema12:55
mamo (4a78df7e@94E001B4.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) joined #klepet.12:55
jurchek (jurchek08@CBE477E4.23D43369.D5B76ED9.IP) left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds12:55
neznaniše prej12:55
klepet_88823 (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:55
Zen01tam nekje ja12:55
Zen01tako je to pač12:55
Zen01the Long night :)12:55
Zen01do 21 ali 22 dc se bo krajšal dan12:55
_nastja_ (d9485dcd@6B63CF16.CA7C696F.456092F9.IP) joined #klepet.12:55
Porocen48 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:55
neznanija enakonočje12:55
Zen01ne enakonočje12:56
Zen01zimski sončev obrat ali zimski solsticij12:56
Zen01točka, ko bo dan najkrajši12:56
Zen01enakonočje je marca in septembra12:56
neznaniok bolj znanstveno12:56
Zen01kjer sta dan in noč enako dolga12:56
klemn ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:56
Zen01ne ne12:56
Zen01ti ne zastopiš kaj ti govorim12:56
Zen01enakonočje ni enako solsticij12:56
Zen01to sta 2 različna pojava12:56
neznanisaj misliva oba enako12:56
Krsko ( joined #klepet.12:56
policistisomivsec ( joined #klepet.12:56
kompletek ( joined #klepet.12:57
Zen01imaš zimski in poletni solsticij12:57
Zen01to je decembra in junija12:57
neznaniok ok12:57
Zen01enakonočje pa imaš septembra in marca12:57
kompletek ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si12:57
neznanine mislim več o tem12:57
inja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si12:57
Zen01lažje ti bo če boš vedel razlike12:57
Zen01in jaz sem ti pojasnil12:57
trdbisex (c109136e@BAB9A4AC.FE1A0DD9.E33ACB9D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si12:58
_Tip_NJO_za_Hot ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si12:58
inja ( joined #klepet.12:58
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leila91 ( joined #klepet.12:59
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BDSMparKP--njo (5427d51c@393CF1E1.7DCADCBB.912C2C47.IP) joined #klepet.13:00
klik ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:00
tip36 ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds13:01
injaKliknte me13:01
sub-37 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:01
Lana (b04cf368@EEEC2D5A.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:01
Zen01odjebi inja13:01
Zen01pa spremeni si nick v Jani13:01
piratek ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:01
tip36 ( joined #klepet.13:01
Lana (b04cf368@EEEC2D5A.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:01
Angelitoo ( joined #klepet.13:01
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Krsko ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:01
Lana (b04cf368@EEEC2D5A.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:02
Nick change: Angelitoo -> klepet582813:02
lukzz ( joined #klepet.13:02
piratek ( joined #klepet.13:02
Domci ( joined #klepet.13:02
klepet5828prepozna sekunda13:02
klepet5828 ( left irc: Quit: 13:02
on36 ( joined #klepet.13:02
on36 ( left irc: Quit: on3613:02
boris ( joined #klepet.13:02
Avijon ( joined #klepet.13:03
klepet_69967 ( joined #klepet.13:03 kj novega😁13:03
Tomaz31 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:03
mihela34_njo ( joined #klepet.13:03
lezba_romana (c102c26b@321EC174.9CFC9125.B189EB7.IP) joined #klepet.13:03
Skorpion ( joined #klepet.13:03
Stil-metla (b04cf395@B5F38368.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:03
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mateja1 ( joined #klepet.13:03
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Angelitoo ( joined #klepet.13:03
klepet_68908 ( joined #klepet.13:04
klepet_68908 ( left irc: Quit: klepet_6890813:04
LanaMa nekm tiho je13:04
Papillon37 ( joined #klepet.13:04
Angelitooevo me13:04
lizac ( joined #klepet.13:04
starejsi-starejsoLana ti dolg čas13:04
klepet_69967Ja govor13:04
mariborcan2 (klepet123@DE39EB4B.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds13:04
Angelitooprepozna sm bla z geslom13:04
LanaNe ni13:04
Skorpion ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:04
tip-tip-chat ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:04
Angelitookasni nicki so to feeeeek 13:04
lizacres so , npr: Angelitoo13:05
starejsi-starejsoprlečkaaaaaaaaaaaaa <313:05
klepet_45193 (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) joined #klepet.13:05
Dragondan angelitoo13:05
lizacprlečka dan13:05
Angelitooka pa je z angelitoo narobe13:05
lizacLana dan13:05
Debelo ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:05
Angelitooo dragon13:05
ModrookaRjavolaska34 ( joined #klepet.13:05
Dragonsi kej bolš13:05
Angelitoosm bla bold pa so me spet razjezil 😂13:06
klepet_72583 ( joined #klepet.13:06
jurchek ( joined #klepet.13:06
Dragontebe se pa hitr razjezi13:06
klepet_30697 ( joined #klepet.13:06
Angelitoojs ne vem kva je namen tok mi jasn pa mi pomoje tut nau13:06
klepet_007 ( joined #klepet.13:06
Lana (b04cf368@EEEC2D5A.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:07
sitna_lezba (c102c26b@321EC174.9CFC9125.B189EB7.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:07
tamcika ( joined #klepet.13:07
sitna_lezba (c102c26b@321EC174.9CFC9125.B189EB7.IP) joined #klepet.13:07
mamo (4a78df7e@94E001B4.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:07
lezba_romana (c102c26b@321EC174.9CFC9125.B189EB7.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:07
klepet_69967 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:07
Dragonbom tih raj :D13:07
Angelitoook 😱13:07
lezba_romana (c102c26b@321EC174.9CFC9125.B189EB7.IP) joined #klepet.13:08
benko (frendi@6781DF24.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:08
tamcika ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:08
Angelitoosam tk na glas se sprasujem13:08
druzinski_sex (4a78df7e@94E001B4.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) joined #klepet.13:08
Angelitoomogoce mi bo pa naredl klik13:08
tamcika ( joined #klepet.13:08
Dragonoddajaš tako energijo okol sebe očitno :D13:08
on_njo ( joined #klepet.13:08
MB56 ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si13:08
Angelitooto z energijo mi je jasn da sm nekak neko cudoviste 13:09
prijazen ( left irc: Read error13:09
Fury ( joined #klepet.13:09
Dragonsi jing jang očitno za nekatere jing za druge jang13:09
klepet_40536 ( joined #klepet.13:09
tamcika ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:09
inxs (d58f56ec@C7F45A39.CF7FC58A.110F84B7.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:09
Domci ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:09
Angelitooahahaha :-) 13:09
Fury ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:10
prijeten ( joined #klepet.13:10
klepet_72583 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:10
Dragontko to je :D13:10
Domci ( joined #klepet.13:10
maxscooter (c1110119@F9FBC15C.16CFDCB0.936AD080.IP) joined #klepet.13:10
Maja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:11
lukzzdragon kok si str ti modrec13:11
maxscooterdan vsem13:11
Dragonmladič še13:11
Stil-metla (b04cf395@B5F38368.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:11
Sebastjan23 ( joined #klepet.13:11
Dragonzanimajo me frače in ne palce če razumeš poanto13:12
klepet_72583 ( joined #klepet.13:12
Maja ( joined #klepet.13:12
lukzzne razumm13:12
leila91 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si13:12
Dragonno pol nej ostane pr tem13:12
klepet_19945 ( joined #klepet.13:12
kaliber ( joined #klepet.13:12
lukzzno dj povej kaj pomen13:12
lukzzda bom vedu13:12
Dragonna kratko povedano nism gej13:13
leila91 ( joined #klepet.13:13
lukzzse mi je zdel da si to mislu13:13
lukzznism niti jst gey13:13
Mali_15 ( joined #klepet.13:13
lukzzda ne bos mislu13:13
lukzzsam tko sm uprasu13:13
von ( joined #klepet.13:13
DomciFrace so boljs13:13
V83 ( joined #klepet.13:13
tija (563d22ea@1CCE5F42.2A0A221B.D5B76ED9.IP) joined #klepet.13:13
Avijon ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 za iPhone - https://www.klepet123.si13:13
onstarejso ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:13
Dragonseveda nategneš lahko fračo kokr čš... no dokler se elastika dobr drži :D13:13
Maja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:13
Maja ( joined #klepet.13:14
_MaNgO_bmk (598e026a@781D4456.186F1AE7.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.13:14
klepet_72583 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:14
direktor ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:14
Nick change: _MaNgO_bmk -> klepet1248413:14
kaliber ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:15
lizac ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:15
DomciA tu res nobena ne odpise na privat?13:15
Dragonodpišejo če pravilno začneš13:15
DomciJa men so rekl13:16
DomciDa lepa beseda lepo mesto najde13:16
DomciPa ni videt tako13:16
Nick change: klepet12484 -> _MaNgO_bmk13:16
klepet_67838 ( joined #klepet.13:16
Tim ( joined #klepet.13:16
prlecka ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:16
klepet_30697 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:16
_MaNgO_bmkkaj me meces chat13:16
Gladek ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si13:16
klepet_67838 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:17
Tim ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si13:17
klepet_55750 ( joined #klepet.13:17
DomciZ normalnim vsakodnevnim pozdravom nej bi zacel pogovor13:17
klepet_19945kje vidiš kakšno bejbo ,tle so sami deci13:17
leo (frendi@6F50BCD7.31C9679F.68F6401C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds13:17
Prsata ( joined #klepet.13:17
tija (563d22ea@1CCE5F42.2A0A221B.D5B76ED9.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:18
klepet_54779 ( joined #klepet.13:18
_MaNgO_bmkjs vsaki napisem oj al pa zivjo in ce ne odpise ne pisem vec13:18
ales ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si13:18
_MaNgO_bmkse bom js za steno trudil ta bo jaaa13:18
klepet_54779 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:18
DomciJa js se sprasujem kaj je fora13:18
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:18
prlecka ( joined #klepet.13:18
_MaNgO_bmkja z;ato picko majo13:18
Angelitoodragon mislm da ni lih jin jang13:18
DomciDa si gor pa niti besede ne das nazaj13:18
ales ( joined #klepet.13:18
klepet_19945ti si kr misli da so ženske ,to13:18
klepet_45193 (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:19
erwer (c3f5fa02@9E65F7EB.CF99322B.1E9689F4.IP) joined #klepet.13:19
ZgodanDr (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) joined #klepet.13:19
Tomaz31 ( joined #klepet.13:19
Srbiin ( joined #klepet.13:19
Dragonangelitoo nima veze kaj je važn da neki je :D13:19
_MaNgO_bmkjs grem spat do 3 to je moj cilj13:19
Angelitoodomci men se zadne cajte enostavno ne da .... 13:19
klepet_641 ( joined #klepet.13:19
Zen01 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:19
solei ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds13:19
_MaNgO_bmkdragon se kr jo mas v delu13:19
DomciHah pa odpises to ne da clovek ve pri cem je13:19
Dragonmango ne jest13:19
_MaNgO_bmkbanek jo ma13:20
Dragonsicer pa sej mi ni nč nardila dab ji kej zameru13:20
_MaNgO_bmksmeti pobira za nama13:20
prlecka ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:20
Oki40 ( joined #klepet.13:20
klepet_74380 ( joined #klepet.13:20
_MaNgO_bmkmen tud ne sam iskrena ne zna bit13:20
Angelitoohahaha mango ka bos spet pametn al kaj?13:20
tip36 ( left #klepet.13:20
Girls_unwashed_hair ( joined #klepet.13:20
klepet_74380 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:20
tip36 ( joined #klepet.13:20
_MaNgO_bmkin js sm pol vse kriv k sm ljubosumen, ma nism ljubosumen sam neme vozit po uvinkih13:20
Temnolas34 ( joined #klepet.13:21
Angelitooma mango odjebi 13:21
_MaNgO_bmkda ne bom teb povedu kak mi je povedla zate13:21
david ( joined #klepet.13:21
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error13:21
Dragonpa reč ane13:21
_MaNgO_bmkgooo F/u/c/k/ yourself B i t ch13:21
StarejsiMb (bca62a29@EFC447B7.486D170E.BF806DAB.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:21
erwer (c3f5fa02@9E65F7EB.CF99322B.1E9689F4.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:22
Dragona to je to ?13:22
Angelitooja itak da si kriv....sej nisva bla skup da bi ti mogla na talar nosit kva sva mela z dragonam al si tok prbit?13:22
tim ( joined #klepet.13:22
_MaNgO_bmkza mano je kratka noc13:22
_MaNgO_bmkgrem mal k seb pridit13:22
obdarjen (5e67400c@5F211EA2.362D9361.F87E97CE.IP) joined #klepet.13:22
Dragonmango sej če hočš povedat kr reč13:22
Angelitooja kva mene boli dupe ce je kratka noc....raj pejdi predn te se km poslem 13:22
_MaNgO_bmkucke mam k sova a zaspan k polh13:22
maxscooter (c1110119@F9FBC15C.16CFDCB0.936AD080.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:23
_MaNgO_bmkspomni me pol k pridem nazaj13:23
_MaNgO_bmkbom ti povedu13:23
druzinski_sex (4a78df7e@94E001B4.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:23
solei ( joined #klepet.13:23
david ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:23
Angelitoomango ful se sekiram resno 13:23
Girls_unwashed_hair ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:23
Angelitoosej dragonu sm tut tasvoje zanc povedala13:23
Angelitooskor da se njega nism km poslala13:24
_MaNgO_bmkgrem zato spat, k ne vem ka se bo dans ponoc odvilo z bivso13:24
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:24
ZgodanDr (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:24
mamo (4a78df7e@94E001B4.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) joined #klepet.13:24
Dragonangelitoo  a zanč k sm tist reku13:24
Gymgirl (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) joined #klepet.13:24
Angelitooker itak oba neki glumita noben pa nima jajc povedat tist kar bi mogu13:24
Angelitoomango juhe ni dobr pogrevat ves?13:24
Angelitooocitno ne ane13:24
kresnicka45 (klepet123@A9B9AA41.636A26EA.E5647562.IP) joined #klepet.13:25
Temnolas34 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:25
Babuska ( joined #klepet.13:25
Dragonbl direkt neb mogu rečt ti13:25
klepet_55750 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:25
Angelitoosej k nobene deuge ni je pa tut bivsa vredu za naskocit 😂😂😂13:25
Prsata ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:25
klepet_90723 ( joined #klepet.13:25
Angelitoomango kuko si bogi ej13:25
Gymgirl (b24f0515@D8901F1D.1A86913B.43A27209.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:25
tomaz ( joined #klepet.13:25
_MaNgO_bmkne sikiraj se za take13:25
Angelitooma dragon tebe tut se caka mojih pet min 13:25
Angelitoozegn mas da me je banek miril 13:25
kresnicka45 (klepet123@A9B9AA41.636A26EA.E5647562.IP) left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si13:26
_nastja_ (frendi@6B63CF16.CA7C696F.456092F9.IP) joined #klepet.13:26
Dragonnč mi ni jasno13:26
Angelitoopa da sm js se kokr tok mirna13:26
leila91 ( left irc: Read error13:26
V83 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:26
klepet_19945 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:26
Dragončist nč slabga ti nism hotu lej jo13:26
_MaNgO_bmkpa tale je 3 mesce po dolgi vezi samska, pa en 2 sta jo ze pofukala, ti si ji lizu, pol je hotla mene, zdj pa bogi siromak banek na vrsti....13:26
korosec ( joined #klepet.13:26
_nastja_ (frendi@6B63CF16.CA7C696F.456092F9.IP) left irc: Read error13:27
_MaNgO_bmkpa zaka ma sramne crne ustnice...zato k to imajo nifomanke13:27
korosec ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:27
_MaNgO_bmksam da se f-u-k-a13:27
Angelitoomango se kej?13:27
korosec ( joined #klepet.13:27
joze1 ( joined #klepet.13:27
_MaNgO_bmkkopiraj ji pa naj si prebere13:27
Angelitoodej skaslej se debil13:27
Hoten43 ( joined #klepet.13:27
_MaNgO_bmkjs je ne jebem ma ni 0.00000001 posto13:28
joze1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:28
Angelitooa k si me pa prosu je blo pa vse ok?13:28
klepet_40536Ali je kak moski da bi se pogovarjal s moskim13:28
mucisponzor (2eb6e4bd@8622BBD8.F548284D.2F13604D.IP) joined #klepet.13:28
_MaNgO_bmklahko noc :D13:28
Angelitoopa to si me cel dan prosu13:28
Angelitoohvala kurcu stari da si odjenu13:29
njo_iz_ms ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:29
neznani ( joined #klepet.13:29
Mali_15 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:29
Tomaz31 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:29
neznani ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:29
primorc_obala ( joined #klepet.13:30
ModrookaRjavolaska34 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:30
DomciMadona kaksne tezqve s problemi mate 😂😂😂13:30
brezovinkarjenja ( joined #klepet.13:30
On_47_ce ( joined #klepet.13:30
Mark ( joined #klepet.13:31
klepet_60633 (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.13:31
klepet_40536 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:31
Angelitoodomci to j to k moski ne more dobit zenske pa je poj najslabsa zena na svetu13:31
klepet_60633 (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:31
DomciNebi js vedu13:31
DomciKako to gre13:31
Dragonjest nimam tega mnenja13:31
Ockova (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.13:32
Angelitoomango najlazi je pa bezat pred problemi13:32
starejsi-starejso ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:32
Mark ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:32
Angelitoosej to pocnes ze cel life za to pa je tko13:32
mateja1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:32
_MaNgO_bmkona jih ma sama sabo13:32
remedij ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:32
nagajiv ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:32
_nastja_ (frendi@6B63CF16.CA7C696F.456092F9.IP) joined #klepet.13:32
Ockova (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:33
Angelitoomango js ne bezim od problemu stran13:33
Prfoksa (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.13:33
breskvica ( joined #klepet.13:33
Angelitoosam teb je krivo ker sm te poslala v pm13:33
Angelitookrivo ti je ker sm te dala na blok13:33
Angelitooin krivo ti je ker me nisi mogu kresnt13:34
DebeluskaSladka35 ( joined #klepet.13:34
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:34
klepet_641 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:34
DomciNo zdj pa tezke besede padajo13:34
John ( joined #klepet.13:34
remedij ( joined #klepet.13:34
Angelitoodragon ti pa tut mogoce res nimas tazga mnenja sam govoris pa lih to kar clovek hoce slisat13:34
mamo (4a78df7e@94E001B4.1F56E492.1487435C.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:35
Angelitoosimpl k kindr jajck13:35
sandra ( joined #klepet.13:35
Angelitoonisi ti ti ampak si tisto kar zelijo drugi13:35
Dragonangelitoo povem direkt nism škodoželjen13:35
Crna ( joined #klepet.13:35
zanimiv1 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si13:35
zanimiv1 ( joined #klepet.13:35
Dragonvem kje so meje13:35
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:35
klepet_53147 (b9757684@7DA70C52.80141CC4.1A5FC6C6.IP) joined #klepet.13:35
Angelitooja sej js tut povem direht kva si mislm13:35
Mariborcan37 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:35
SreckoLJ ( joined #klepet.13:35
Angelitoozato pa pisem 13:35
Ifrucc ( joined #klepet.13:35
starejsa ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:35
Angelitoosam k smo lih lepi bli vsi trije gor an .... sam mango je raj spizdu13:36
DomciIzlijte duso13:36
DomciJerry jerry :D13:36
DebeluskaSladka35 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:36
_MaNgO_bmkNAJ padajo13:36
Irena ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:36
Crna ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:36
benko (frendi@6781DF24.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si13:36
_MaNgO_bmkniam je dzabe na ignor13:36
_MaNgO_bmkpa ni edina13:36
teja ( joined #klepet.13:36
_MaNgO_bmkk je na ignor13:36
Oki40 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:36
korosec ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:36
JohnO cem je debata 13:36
Angelitooja na ignorju sm od tkt k dm ti napisala da si sou na blok da bos sou pa se na ignor13:37
_MaNgO_bmkej ne vem13:37
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Read error13:37
_MaNgO_bmkprevec ljudi imam na ignor13:37
_MaNgO_bmkal pa oni mene bmk13:37
nejka ( joined #klepet.13:37
klepet_81299 ( joined #klepet.13:37
klepet_53147 (b9757684@7DA70C52.80141CC4.1A5FC6C6.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:37
klepet_90723 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:37
Prfoksa (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:37
John ( left irc: Quit: Page closed13:37
Angelitooa beres pa se vedno hahahaha :-) 13:38
debeluska (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.13:38
Nina (b9757684@7DA70C52.80141CC4.1A5FC6C6.IP) joined #klepet.13:38
klepet_82621 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:38
Ela ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:38
klepet_z_uros ( joined #klepet.13:38
DomciJs te nimam na ignore :13:38
marica ( joined #klepet.13:38
_MaNgO_bmkti ne13:38
joze1 ( joined #klepet.13:38
klepet_81299Ali je kak moski ki bi se pogovarjal s fantm13:39
_MaNgO_bmkja biu je prej en gay kle13:39
Angelitoodomci js sm ga povsod blokirala na koncu sm ga dala pa se na ignor se je pa zj se zmer vame utaknu13:39
DomciJih je velik pa ti tega sploh ne ves :D13:39
joze1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:39
Dragonvsaka zgodba ima dve plati13:39
DomciAli pa 313:39
Angelitooja vem da ma domci13:39
Angelitoopa tango tut rab dva plesalca ja13:39
_MaNgO_bmkja vezda ne vem domci, ne klikam vsake(GA)13:40
bison ( joined #klepet.13:40
DomciNe ne nism mislu tega13:40
DomciHaha mango13:40
klepet_39280 ( joined #klepet.13:40
DomciTistmu sm to napisu k se hoce s tipom ment :D13:40
DomciDa tud kdaj ksni zenski nicki niso ravno zenski nicki13:40
Luka_ ( joined #klepet.13:40
_MaNgO_bmkpa kle tud ce je zenski nick mors pazit13:41
korosec ( joined #klepet.13:41
_MaNgO_bmkal mas pol kregarijo na javnem da padajo tezke besede13:41
Angelitoomango sej si ti zacel .... 13:41
tulipan ( joined #klepet.13:41
marica ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:41
DomciDelate dramo tm k je ni :D13:42
Angelitoodomci js ljubim dramoooo13:42
_MaNgO_bmkpa ves da za zensko tud ce ona nardi napaki si ti kriv13:42
Angelitoosploh k sm ze tko sitna sama seb13:42
DomciPol bi pa mogla v gledasicu igrat v dramah13:42
_MaNgO_bmkone nkol nc krive13:42
klepet_z_uros ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:42
Ela ( joined #klepet.13:42
_nastja_ (frendi@6B63CF16.CA7C696F.456092F9.IP) left irc: Read error13:42
Angelitoomango tega nism rekla js vem kje so moje napake13:42
vezannjo (klepet123@59B3F842.6F533F13.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:42
_MaNgO_bmktale k je metala tezke besede, se je sama zaklala pr men13:42
_uros31_ ( joined #klepet.13:43
Angelitooti raj svoje poglej13:43
klepet_41884 ( joined #klepet.13:43
_MaNgO_bmkampak ze ma novo zrtov13:43
_MaNgO_bmkon je pa se mal mlad pa naivn13:43
zanimiv1 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si13:43
zanimiv1 ( joined #klepet.13:43
Angelitooja js ce bi bla naivna bi bla poj z vsemi tle gor 13:43
DomciAh js sm dau to ze skos :D13:43
Papillon37 ( left irc: Read error13:43
_MaNgO_bmknisi se13:44
Papillon372 ( joined #klepet.13:44
_MaNgO_bmkna chatu si13:44
_MaNgO_bmkne prehitevaj13:44
Angelitoodomci tut js sm to prerastla zato sm ga pa dala na blok13:44
klepet_30671 ( joined #klepet.13:44
Oki40 ( joined #klepet.13:44
_MaNgO_bmkmen je fajn da je sebe zajebala en dan predn bi jo porinu13:45
neznani ( joined #klepet.13:45
moski44 (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.13:45
Angelitoopa sej ne morm verjet13:45
_MaNgO_bmksm kr veseu da sm srecno samski13:45
vodnarka49 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:45
_uros31_ ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:45
Angelitooto pa je prepricanje da sm se js zajebala 13:45
klepet_65141 ( joined #klepet.13:46
Angelitoo😂😂😂😂😂 13:46
Oki40 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:46
von ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:46
neznani ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:46
nagajiv ( joined #klepet.13:46
Angelitoota sploh ne ve kako kaj zakaj? 13:46
Mladfant86letnik ( joined #klepet.13:46
klepet_30671 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:46
_MaNgO_bmkpismo je mlad fant13:46
_MaNgO_bmkk js13:47
Papillon372 ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds13:47
Moski48 (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.13:47
moski44 (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:48
mateja1 ( joined #klepet.13:48
Ifrucc ( left irc: Quit: Page closed13:48
chat ( joined #klepet.13:48
mateja1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:48
Domci ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:48
klepet_41884 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:48
inja ( joined #klepet.13:49
_MaNgO_bmkinjo je prisel13:49
_MaNgO_bmkjs pa grem13:49
klepet_94694 ( joined #klepet.13:49
_MaNgO_bmkcao cao13:49
_MaNgO_bmk (598e026a@781D4456.186F1AE7.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:49
Domci ( joined #klepet.13:49
klasinc ( joined #klepet.13:49
Angelitoohaha mango bezi stran od zensk 13:49
injaGlih jem kosiu makarone zrezki v omaki zrlrna solata13:49
Angelitoosvasta no13:49
ales40kaj dogaja?13:49
SreckoLJ ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:50
DomciJa dober tek inja13:50
Angelitooales mal tezkih besed je blo13:50
ales40pa dobr..papir-display use prenese..13:50
MuCeK007 (klepet123@B1B38D1F.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:50
Papillon37 ( joined #klepet.13:50
DomciZimski cas dela svoje pa folk prevec razmislja ob vecerih :D13:50
Krsko ( joined #klepet.13:51
teja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:51
Dragonbl zamere delajo svoje13:51
klepet_94694 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:51
Angelitooales nekateri majo svoje prepricanje13:51
leila91 ( joined #klepet.13:51
injaDragon pridi na kosilo13:51
Dragoninja kam pa13:51
ales40usak ma svoje prepričanje..prolem je da so nekatera nekompatibilna z uveljavljeno logiko :)13:52
aqua ( joined #klepet.13:52
klepet_67554 ( joined #klepet.13:52
Angelitooales jaaaa :-) itak se kr strinjam13:52
fantjonyy ( joined #klepet.13:52
ales40še pol zvissss13:52
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:52
klepet_65141 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:52
ON45MB (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.13:53
Dragonklikn pa se zmenva13:53
damjan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:53
Luka_ ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:53
Dragončeprov mam še vedno mnenje da si moški glede na tvoj ip naslov13:53
leila91 ( left irc: Read error13:53
Dragon"dobrrr, dertip, klepet_58732, klepet_86804, klepet_30116. dobrrr "13:53
prlek1 ( joined #klepet.13:53
prlek1dober den13:53
Avijon ( joined #klepet.13:54
prlek1kak smo''13:54
pikapoka (c3f5fa02@9E65F7EB.CF99322B.1E9689F4.IP) joined #klepet.13:54
Dragondoro čuj13:54
DomciDragon prevec si povedu :D13:54
ZasebniStik (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) joined #klepet.13:54
prlek1vredi te13:54
ales40kaj pa če si folk v kakšni knjižnici podaja majo posledično usi isti IP?13:54
klepet_39280 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:54
pikapokapozdravljeni vsi13:54
mateja1 ( joined #klepet.13:54
Dragončudn da tole ni nek ip knižnice ane13:54
prlek1pika še zmer pokaš?:)13:54
Angelitoodragooon zagrabi ce se ponuja ane13:54
mateja1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:54
Dragonangelitoo i'll pass this one13:55
Angelitoosej zarad nje je mango dol spizdu 😂😂13:55
Domci ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:55
ales40zagrabi GA heheh13:55
pikapokahehe še zmeraj ja :)13:55
prlek1mateja pa skače rada13:55
nagajiv ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:55
klasinc ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:55
prlek1to je važno sam da poka ne sam pika čeglih tudi če pika ni slabo:))13:55
klepet_65141 ( joined #klepet.13:55
pikapokaja odvisno kaj pika :)13:55
prlek1najboljše še je vse prisotno:))13:56
ZasebniStik (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:56
klepet_69066 ( joined #klepet.13:56
prlek1po nasmešku sodeč mislim, da veš o čem je govora:)13:56
debeluska (598e1322@96ED8451.4954EC76.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:56
pikapokahehe mislim da vem :)13:56
prlek1no vidič kak se zastopima:)13:56
robi (c1029a0c@8FA956BA.9DD00767.B189EB7.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:56
Obdarjentip ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:57
leila91 ( joined #klepet.13:57
klepet_74636 ( joined #klepet.13:57
klepet_65141 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:57
Mladfant86letnik ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:57
Krsko ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:57
injaDrj poglejte se druge ipje mal13:57
injaSamo jaz srm kriva skos13:58
prlek1o mladina tudi prihaja sem leila 199113:58
pikapokaja ja full dober13:58
Tistasvoja ( joined #klepet.13:58
chat ( left irc: Quit: Page closed13:58
prlek1poka daj povej v kerem kraju tebe pika??13:59
Angelitooinja sej nism nc rekla sam sm dojela da je sou mango zarad tebe dol se prav si zenska kokr kol obrnes13:59
Primorc_z_doline ( joined #klepet.13:59
Moski48 (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si13:59
chat ( joined #klepet.13:59
chatHi. Back again13:59
korosec ( left irc: Quit: chat.si13:59
klepet_69066 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:00
obdarjen (5e67400c@5F211EA2.362D9361.F87E97CE.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si14:00
pikapokaa v kerem kraju, pa recimo da v lj :)14:00
domen45 ( joined #klepet.14:00
Slave (b04cf06a@D34B86A6.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.14:00
klepet_61829 ( joined #klepet.14:00
prlek1a pol ti ljubljanska dama14:00
ON45MB (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si14:01
pikapokaja fina ljubljanska dama ja14:01
zbegana ( joined #klepet.14:01
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jurchek ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds14:01
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Dragonpo nekaj kozarčkih nisi več tako dama xD14:02
Nejc4 ( joined #klepet.14:02
joze1 ( joined #klepet.14:02
prlek1se pravi fina14:02
Mladenka ( joined #klepet.14:02
prlek1ja lepo to14:02
prlek1spet Mladina prišla-mladenka14:02
klepet_007 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:02
klepet_36857 ( joined #klepet.14:02
pikapokaja no fina samo kadar je to treba14:02
prlek1:)) pa saj ni treba bit zmeraj fina in se igrat finoče:)14:03
inja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:03
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pikapokase strinjam s tabo14:04
mariborcan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:04
JASMIN27KR ( joined #klepet.14:04
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ana38 ( joined #klepet.14:04
prlek1pika znan nik si mi, pa ne vem od kje  ali pa zarad trgovin Pikapolonica??:)14:05
nudist (d537b09c@CD21672C.C493EF42.31FC30A1.IP) joined #klepet.14:05
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korosec ( joined #klepet.14:06
prlek1tak zaj pa jo je eden odpelo v grmovje zgleda:)14:06
Srbiin ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si14:06
porocen-ljubco ( joined #klepet.14:06
Andrej ( joined #klepet.14:06
pikapokao to pa jaz ne bi vedla. hehe mogoče pa tudi zaradi trgovine ja :)14:06
GrandeFinale ( joined #klepet.14:06
klepet_81160 ( joined #klepet.14:06
pikapokaa ne grem jaz tako hitro v grmovje :)14:07
Srbiin ( joined #klepet.14:07
prlek1na enem chatu enkrat nazaj je bila ena pikapoka, se mi zdi14:07
pikapokamožno da sem bila jaz ja odvisno na katerem chatu14:07
aqua ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:07
klepet_7914 ( joined #klepet.14:07
prlek1ja možno ja14:07
Grega (klepet123@3F77269E.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.14:08
prlek1pridem nazaj me čakajo14:08
prlek1bay ba14:08
prlek1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:08
prilagodljiv ( joined #klepet.14:08
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ales40cajt kosil in odhodov iz služb..14:14
klepet_44964 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:14
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koroseckera iz koroske14:15
bsx-mlad ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:15
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ales40fajn se mejte chatarji14:17
skustran ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:18
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korosecnobene korosice14:22
klepet_65141 ( joined #klepet.14:22
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ronsonje kakšna lepa tle?14:23
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iskrenmdami nudim finančno pomoč za protiuslugo14:29
Nobody89d ( joined #klepet.14:29
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prlek1ka novega tu zaj??14:30
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ronsonplek vraga spizdi dol14:30
Gorazd (5a9dfd44@AF0CAF1F.94E0A794.9BE8C40D.IP) joined #klepet.14:31
Maja ( joined #klepet.14:31
prlek1rons ka se ti je zgodilo?14:31
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prlek1vse je mrtvo tu gor14:32
klepet_67970 ( joined #klepet.14:33
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prlek1mejte se14:33
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janooskje so vse češplje kosmate ?14:37
Mariborcan37 ( joined #klepet.14:38
tip-tip-chat ( joined #klepet.14:38
tip-tip-chatzdravo .. kako kaj?14:38
primorc_obala ( left irc: Quit: chat.si14:38
tip-tip-chatkak tip za klepetanje s tipom preko chata '?14:38
janoosmoja najdražja si jo je obrila14:38
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ladyA  ste vsi zaspal14:41
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iskrenmoj je ktera za srečanje nudim finančno pomoč14:46
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Papillon37cav je kera za klepet 14:56
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blackysplit personalites :D15:02
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visok_rjavolasveliko njih :)15:03
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Papillon37Zivjo se kera klepeta morda?15:07
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Dragonseems legit15:11
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mlad_mbka je bloh kdo gor?15:13
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visok_rjavolasa je tukej sploh še kakšna ženska15:14
Dragondan blaznaaa15:14
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Dragonse najdejo15:15
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visok_rjavolasče niso tipi to15:15
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visok_rjavolasz ženskimi vzdevki15:15
mariborcan kicked from #klepet by Plemenita: Stop repeating yourself!15:15
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mlad_mbje kdo gor?15:19
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koroseckera ali kdo iz koroske za drink15:20
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Assaos voluharji15:29
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Action: Dragon sliši muhe zehat in čričke rigat15:33
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mlad_mbkdo gor?15:33
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Dragonbl ne k ja15:33
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Luskan29padne sneg na durđevan dan pa uništi jorgovan subota na nedelju a ja zdrav u postelju :)15:36
jerebica2 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:37
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leosta ima15:38
Luskan29ima mjuzik15:38
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.15:38
Gregor ( joined #klepet.15:38
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leoturbo folk atmosfera15:39
Luskan29dan vsem novim15:39
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JANTAR47Mče ne kaj drugega se pa vsaj pozdravimo tukaj15:40
kompletek ( joined #klepet.15:40
JANTAR47Ma ne15:40
jurech ( joined #klepet.15:40
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leopozdrav pozdrav15:40
Luskan29i tuga je za covjeka nema leka ni aporeka :)15:40
marica ( joined #klepet.15:40
blaznoresnaaajs vsakič bl zbolim tle15:41
klepet_tip ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:41
MB56 ( joined #klepet.15:41
Luskan29js tudi15:41
sub-37 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:41
lepoomistojii ( joined #klepet.15:41
leoza tugu ima lijeka15:41
dado ( joined #klepet.15:41
leoima, imal15:41
Luskan29nema leka ni apoteka15:41
blaznoresnaaada je tuga snijeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg15:41
leorakija je lijek15:41
anabela ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds15:41
leorakija, vinjak15:41
sara (d5fa1408@50ED90AB.7690FF5.95318D42.IP) joined #klepet.15:41
on36 ( joined #klepet.15:42
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blaznoresnaaaspet kradejo15:43
Nezen (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si15:43
Dragonsumljivo mimi nick vmes :D15:43
osebni_trener ( joined #klepet.15:43
blaznoresnaaamimi ni nit mal sumljiva15:44
Gregor ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:44
Dragondobr sej za njo se ve kaj je đ15:44
Gladek ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si15:44
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Luskan29Stikle na noge, noge u kola 15:46
Luskan29i tetovaza na ledja gola 15:46
Luskan29ludila puno, malo sramote 15:46
Luskan29volim te, volim skote zivote15:46
filter ( joined #klepet.15:47
Erika28 ( joined #klepet.15:47
klepet_13717 ( joined #klepet.15:47
gorazd38 ( left #klepet.15:47
lepoomistojii ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:47
blaznoresnaaajs pa ne zberem močo za dokončat tetovažo15:47
Misko ( joined #klepet.15:47
Luskan29bos ze15:47
Luskan29imas casa15:47
Dragonblaznoresnaaa enostavno pejt sploh ne razmišli15:47
blaznoresnaaasam pijani bi mi uspel tega pa ne dovolijo15:47
blaznoresnaaatolovaj prek reber mam in me je tok bolel15:48
Dragondrgač boš šla tkrt dela tetovažo k boš mela hojco xD15:48
blaznoresnaaasej ogrodje mam sam zdej še detajle fajn napimpat15:48
Dragonmoralno podporo rabš nč druzga15:48
Erika28 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:48
Astistim čačkam k si jih s flumastrom riše, pravi tetovaža15:48
Erika28 ( joined #klepet.15:48
klepet_83386 ( joined #klepet.15:49
filter ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:49
blaznoresnaaapa ženska mi je delala tok nežna15:49
kavalir ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:49
blaznoresnaaapa rekla da nej premislim15:49
Mimi ( joined #klepet.15:49
Dragonmen je tkrt un naredu samo začasno samo pol me je po enmu mescu minil da bi mel kej tazga na seb15:49
klepet_91770 (d59df9aa@8060E169.EDCCE1D1.6998B97D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si15:49
blaznoresnaaada me bo bolel k gre direkt na kost15:49
trucker ( joined #klepet.15:49
Dragondan mimi15:49
blaznoresnaaapa sm bla pogumna15:49
aljaz1 ( joined #klepet.15:49
klepet_69164 (4d26501f@4DD84CB6.72C0B25D.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.15:49
noidto je sam uradno da ne dovolijo pijanim15:49
noiddrgač te tzud pijanga tetovirajo15:49
Dragonnoid kokr kdo15:50
kresnicka45 (klepet123@A9B9AA41.636A26EA.E5647562.IP) joined #klepet.15:50
Hoten43 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:50
blaznoresnaaažijo mimi15:50
Dragonniso vsi za to da je tist na stolu v vinjenem stanju15:50
Luskan29serbus mimi15:50
noidjst sm mojo prvo tetovažno nrdu mrtvo piojan sploh se ne spomnim sam v jutro sm mel tetovažo15:50
StarejsiMb (bca62a29@EFC447B7.486D170E.BF806DAB.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si15:50
blaznoresnaaače te pijanga tetovira pol maš vlko šanso, da boš fasu kak hepatitis15:51
klepet_69164 (4d26501f@4DD84CB6.72C0B25D.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si15:51
blaznoresnaaak pol ma tud orodje pa vse do kurca15:51
Mimikam se boste tetoviral15:51
klepet_55513 ( joined #klepet.15:51
Mimiluskan mas ti kak tatto15:51
Dragonmimi na lulčka 50€ k naraste bo pa 500 gor15:51
Pacek ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:51
primorc_obala ( joined #klepet.15:51
Mimia to k kozco potegnes15:51
Dragonyou never know15:52
kavalir ( joined #klepet.15:52
klepet_77656 (563d2d06@84A02EA2.886147AD.D5B76ED9.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si15:52
teenboy (c16d7c3d@A3BA5E0F.414ECD67.93A1AEAD.IP) joined #klepet.15:52
Dragonkuhar mafija15:52
tomas ( joined #klepet.15:52
blaznoresnaaaahahah dobra15:52
Dragontale tetovaža bi bla bl za na kšno zastavo k pa za na kožo15:52
Mimikva je to sploh15:52
Mimia ma kak pomen 15:53
Dragonnož brusilc za nože pa kuharska kapa15:53
nina2000 ( joined #klepet.15:53
blaznoresnaaakuharska kapa pa nož pa uno za nože brusit15:53
blaznoresnaaaal kk15:53
Mimipa ja ne zarad remzija15:53
mente (53674a18@6FC5947.A3FA0CD7.A53B4403.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si15:53
klepet_86289 ( joined #klepet.15:53
Dragonzarad oliverja15:53
Mimizasto m3 u obraz ljubis15:53
Hoten43 ( joined #klepet.15:53
Miminecu da mi budes drug15:53
blaznoresnaaaneču da mi budeš druuuuuuuuuuuuuuug15:53
klepet_60532 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:53
nikaNJO ( joined #klepet.15:53
mente (53674a18@6FC5947.A3FA0CD7.A53B4403.IP) joined #klepet.15:54
Mimilike a virgin 😂15:54
Dragonme ma da bi se zavleku v grm sam nism zihr v spole  xD15:54
Mimikak grm15:54
Iscemzenske ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:54
Mimia hočeš bit stalker15:54
Dragonprivat bem te smotano :D15:54
Mimimah kva ces tm itak so vsi geji15:55
Action: Dragon sleče mimi hlače in jo našeška15:55
on36 ( joined #klepet.15:55
Mimiče pa niso pa se bojo15:55
romantik ( left #klepet.15:55
klepet_13717 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:55
Mimiti kr men to sede15:55
on36 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:55
Mimiodrasla sam uz to15:55
Luskan29i ja15:55
Mimiratas imun15:55
Dragonsam kurc k se pol še cel let to trese15:55
Tim ( joined #klepet.15:55
Mimija a lej tko je če nas ass tko k je treba15:56
samski39 ( joined #klepet.15:56
Dragonda se not lohk zagrizeš xD15:56
Dragonfuk ročke dvakrat okol zapestja oviješ pa gasa dalje :D15:56
Dragondan nina200015:56
Luskan29o nina15:56
ales ( joined #klepet.15:56
nikaNJO ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds15:56
Mimioila decva15:57
klepet_83386 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:57
Mimidobr dragon ti k si bl drobn15:57
Dragonzagrabm pa tok bl xD15:57
man_MB ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:57
shyguy ( joined #klepet.15:57
Mimiaja mas velke sape15:57
LuckyLuke ( joined #klepet.15:57
samski39 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:57
klepet_86289 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:57
Action: Dragon pokaže medvedje šape15:57
Mimiko je meni doso😁😁15:58
Primorc_z_doline ( joined #klepet.15:58
dejan ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:58
dolenc ( joined #klepet.15:58
Mimispet kensl15:58
Dragonmimi a je pršu un k te kensla :D15:58
on50lj_packo ( left irc: Quit: Leaving15:58
Mimija noo15:58
celjan (598e05cf@B0D70342.1021430D.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.15:58
Dragondan luke15:58
klepet_55513 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:58
noidčokolino mafija15:58
Mimipa tko ocitn skos15:58
ena ( joined #klepet.15:58
LuckyLukedan dan dan15:58
Mimimen mors posebi rect15:58
nooel ( joined #klepet.15:59
klepet_83386 ( joined #klepet.15:59
Mimievo spet kensl15:59
klepet_83386 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si15:59
Andrej40lj (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si15:59
nooel ( left irc: Read error15:59
Mimidodzi da mi ruke grejes15:59
Mimitmrmrmr 15:59
LuckyLukeciv buc bav za mimi pozdrav! 15:59
Dragonkensl tak da dol padaš a15:59
Mimidolg si rabu16:00
Fury (frendi@844C457D.7BEE4D90.6998B97D.IP) left irc: Quit: If you can read this then you don't need glasses!16:00
Mimiskos me pustiš cakat 16:00
Mimia ja ovako lepa fina zgodna😁😁16:00
LuckyLukejel ti se zuri negde?16:00
frend85 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:00
Alenka (4e6d1701@460F7F8E.1A19AA84.79412E10.IP) joined #klepet.16:00
Dragonti fina ? :D16:00
Mimizate man skos cajt16:00
Action: Dragon pade po tleh od smeha16:00
mente (53674a18@6FC5947.A3FA0CD7.A53B4403.IP) left #klepet.16:00
Luskan29lepa a sama16:00
Mimidej ta komad 16:00
Mimizgodna sama kraj momaka sto😁16:01
Hoten43 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:01
Mimidragon valda da sm fina16:01
Hoten43 ( joined #klepet.16:01
klepet_80170 ( joined #klepet.16:01
dolenc ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:01
bigmax ( joined #klepet.16:01
Tim ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:01
MB56 ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si16:02
MB56 ( joined #klepet.16:02
Mimiluke je tok sweet psihira me ds ga kera ne mazne16:02
klepet_1120 ( joined #klepet.16:02
sandra ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si16:02
jani ( joined #klepet.16:02
klepet_80170 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:03
Mimizaboravi broj moga telefona16:03
vojak43-Ribnica ( joined #klepet.16:03
zikos ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:03
M (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.16:03
sandra ( joined #klepet.16:03
ena ( left irc: Quit: Frendi - https://www.frendi.si16:03
shyguy ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:03
klepet_1120 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:03
on ( joined #klepet.16:03
Prsata ( joined #klepet.16:03
kera-za ( joined #klepet.16:04
tip36 ( joined #klepet.16:04
ce-m ( joined #klepet.16:04
Mimii to je to 😁16:04
Mimitok ds se izreklamisu 16:04
porocen-ljubco ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:04
Dragonmimi niso vsi tko zgovorni :D16:05
Mimija no 16:05
mlad-nudist ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:05
Mimisej vem 😁16:05
mlad-za-par ( joined #klepet.16:05
Mimimogl bi bit več sans je pol 16:05
Mimigleda a neda16:05
Dragonvsi bi samo svoje hrenovke v žemlce dajal noben se pa neb potrudu kej več narest :D16:05
romantik ( joined #klepet.16:06
Mimipr men je bl buhtla si zajebu16:06
mlad-za-par ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:06
Dragonfajn štruca pravš :D16:06
Dragonnč ne vem :D16:06
Mimiet zdej ves16:06
Mimiprov za posamarat16:06
klepet-o-tvoji ( joined #klepet.16:06
Dragonpojma nimam nism vidu16:06
Mimija sej ne rabs povem ti16:07
Dragondokler ne vidm ne verjamem :D16:07
Gaspare (598e2dab@434F3BD6.2F5F1047.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:07
Mimivjeruj mi na rjec16:07
Mimiah zdej 16:07
Dragonkje'b kdo teb verjel16:07
Monika_njo (598e2dab@434F3BD6.2F5F1047.5F45C44D.IP) joined #klepet.16:07
Dragonmimi se motš16:07
Mimiaja ga ne16:07
Dragonnobenih verskih praznikov16:07
sara (d5fa1408@50ED90AB.7690FF5.95318D42.IP) joined #klepet.16:07
Mimijajc tud ne farbas16:07
duck ( joined #klepet.16:07
Dragonnop jih mam že tzko na cajte ko sm preveč predrzen :D16:07
Avijon ( joined #klepet.16:08
Irena ( joined #klepet.16:08
Mimiwere are u😁16:08
Mariborcan37 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:08
bsx_M ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:08
Avijon ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 za iPhone - https://www.klepet123.si16:08
Mimita tip se sprov skriva pred mano 😔16:08
Dragonpo mojem si preveč nanga skočila zdej se pa boji16:08
Mimipo moje da res16:09
Dragonše pes se te ustraš16:09
Mimise trudim zadrzat16:09
gorazd38 ( joined #klepet.16:09
resevalec ( joined #klepet.16:09
Mimisam pisda ne gee16:09
jani ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:09
Mimik ga vidm mi je kr wooww16:09
klepet_50453 ( joined #klepet.16:09
on ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:09
Action: Dragon da mimi ovratnico in jo pripne16:09
Nezen (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) joined #klepet.16:09
on36 ( joined #klepet.16:09
Mimia ti tud...on mi tud brikete ponudu16:09
klepet_49855 ( joined #klepet.16:10
Mimipisda vsi me majo za psico 16:10
Luskan29Neki rekli bi da je pornografija 16:10
Luskan29ma, neka nam se desi 16:10
Luskan29dok smo mladi ti i ja 16:10
Luskan29daj da radimo te stvari nesvesno 16:10
Luskan29a ujutru svako svojoj kuci ekspresno16:10
Dragonjah če te majo vsi za psico pol mrbit pa si kaj veš :D16:10
Erika28 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:10
JANTAR47M ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:10
Mimiluskan tako je16:10
M (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:10
Action: Dragon da mimi na kratko da preveč v koga ne skoč16:10
Mimijebes romantiku16:10
Mimiskidaj gace16:10
gorazd38 ( left #klepet.16:11
Erika28 ( joined #klepet.16:11
klepet_49855 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:11
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.16:11
nina2000 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:11
kera-za ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:11
velikk22cm ( joined #klepet.16:11
MB56 ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si16:11
MB56 ( joined #klepet.16:11
Mimievo en komad za lukyija16:12
par (klepet123@6781DF24.8234BB68.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.16:12
frend85 ( joined #klepet.16:12
klepet_57886 ( joined #klepet.16:12
sara (d5fa1408@50ED90AB.7690FF5.95318D42.IP) left #klepet.16:12
Mimiker naslov16:12
Soonja ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:12
klepet_57886 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:13
Mimi2 ( joined #klepet.16:13
Mimi2kr neki16:13
leodje si mimi16:13
Mimi2zdej me že mece16:13
kresnicka45 (klepet123@A9B9AA41.636A26EA.E5647562.IP) left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si16:13
Mimi2ooo leo16:13
Monica41 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:13
klepet_50453 ( left #klepet.16:13
Mimi2kjes ti nesreco16:13
Prsata ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:13
klepet_327 ( joined #klepet.16:13
Mimi2sta bi16:13
leoevo dosa malo16:13
Nezen (4d26219c@9189CB9F.583FCD64.8F0979B5.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:13
Dragonmimi2 tebe vsakič meče ko lukc pride gor :D16:13
klepet_73060 ( joined #klepet.16:13
Mimi2zamal se ozenijo a16:13
Andrej40lj (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) joined #klepet.16:13
klepet_50453 ( joined #klepet.16:13
tigerrrr ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:14
Mimi2ja dragon16:14
vojak43-Ribnica ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:14
leolutao sam malo16:14
Mimi2dej mi ga zrihti rec kako lepo 16:14
leoi eto reko da vidim sta ima16:14
Mimi2od kafane do kafane16:14
Primorc_z_doline ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:14
leoti sredjujes li mi sta?16:14
Luskan29kradem bogu dane16:14
samson ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:14
resevalec ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:14
urban_cuckold ( joined #klepet.16:14
Mimi2ma nemogu ni sebi 16:14
Mimi2a kamol tebi16:14
Monika_njo (598e2dab@434F3BD6.2F5F1047.5F45C44D.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:14
zrnec18 ( joined #klepet.16:15
urejen45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:15
Mimi2nedaju se slovenci16:15
pierre ( joined #klepet.16:15
leopa sta mi nisi uramila sliku?16:15
Mimi2jebi jih16:15
on36 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:15
leopa da me pokazujes16:15
Andrej40lj (5e7f198a@D49FBC94.F7AC719.BB56C447.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:15
Soncek3 ( joined #klepet.16:15
Mimi2pokazat se moreš sam lol16:15
ON (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.16:15
Mimi ( left irc: Ping timeout: 180 seconds16:15
Dragonmimi2 sej ti se dost hitr :D16:15
blaznoresnaaa ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:15
leoada put mi skupo ispane16:15
Dragonpokažš ane16:15
Rok ( joined #klepet.16:15
klepet_327 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:15
Luskan29Hajde, mala, pitaj mamu 16:16
Luskan29da te nocas vozam ja 16:16
Luskan29dovest cu te zivu, zdravu 16:16
Luskan29tamo oko pola dva 16:16
Luskan29Ne da mama s barabama 16:16
Luskan29nocu da se vozam ja 16:16
Luskan29 kicked from #klepet by Plemenita: Stop flooding!16:16
nina2000 ( joined #klepet.16:16
Mimi2kak misliš to16:16
Bbwdama ( joined #klepet.16:16
JASMIN27KR ( joined #klepet.16:16
njo_iz_ms ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:16
ON (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:16
Dragonja men si se dost hitr pokazala xD16:16
leoti me pokazi, pa ako bude interesovanja16:16
leopojavicu se16:16
Dragonza druge ne vem :D16:16
kavalir ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:16
gentleman ( joined #klepet.16:16
urban_cuckold ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:16
Hoten43 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:16
Luskan29 (5bbf3e7a@55B14CC1.FA3166FF.7DA4B05A.IP) joined #klepet.16:16
ON45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) joined #klepet.16:16
Rok ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:16
Mimi2ti si me slucajn na vibru16:16
Mimi2pol sm ti pa se fotk o poslala16:16
Action: Dragon se hihita16:16
Mimi2drugac pa men ni panike se pokazat 16:17
Mimi2sm taka k sm kva cm16:17
Action: Dragon se sprašuje kako je sploh do cifre pršu16:17
Mimi2ne govor 16:17
Dragonbom tih16:17
leoneke malverzacije16:17
moski35 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:17
Action: Dragon zaploska mimi216:17
boris ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si16:17
Mimi2sam ti ploskaj16:18
Hoten40 ( joined #klepet.16:18
Dragonjedi jedi da boš velka pametna tak ne boš več xD16:18
LuckyLukekva galamis!16:18
Mimi2sreco nesudzena16:18
LuckyLukepile bom zazgou 😁16:19
Gladek ( joined #klepet.16:19
Action: Dragon potegne za povodc od mimi216:19
Mimi2sej dobr volim ja kad hrska16:19
muciika ( joined #klepet.16:19
Erika28 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:19
Mimi2vezu me k psa kle16:19
noidtuc tuc tuc16:19
Mimi2od kad te nema ja nemam snaa16:19
muciika ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:19
Mimi2i svaki dan je ko godina 16:19
dusan ( joined #klepet.16:20
zrnec18 ( left irc: Quit: Frendi za iPhone - https://www.frendi.si16:20
Mimi2uglavnem v soboto bon 31..kva mi bote kupl16:20
on36 ( joined #klepet.16:20
lovro28 ( joined #klepet.16:20
zanimiv1 ( left #klepet.16:20
on36 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:21
JASMIN27KR ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:21
dejan ( joined #klepet.16:21
Action: Dragon razmišla o večji kosti za mimi216:21
Mimi2ne morete rec da ni dnarja plata u petek 16:21
Mimi2luskan kazga pa16:21
Mimi2jaz sm.skromna drugac16:21
Mimi2loh j3 tud tester16:21
noidjst zapufan za POL LETA V NAPREJ16:21
divjak ( joined #klepet.16:21
LuckyLukeiz eurospina 😂16:22
Dragonče boš mela cajt itak sva se menla za neke palačinke :D16:22
Mimi2ej vazna je pozornost 16:22
dusandions bo pa viking loto moj a ne :d16:22
mateja1 ( joined #klepet.16:22
dusan35 mio pade dons :)16:22
Mimi2sej v soboto bom v lj..sam naum sama16:22
Ana ( joined #klepet.16:22
LuckyLukejs ti bom ene priglavke izkavacku da te nau zebl 😂16:22
Mimi2z mojim greva mal lutat16:22
Dragonkurc te gleda :D16:22
joze1 ( joined #klepet.16:22
Mimi2full lep o 16:22
LuckyLukedovedi jos i neku curu za mene 😁16:23
nusi ( joined #klepet.16:23
Mimi2ja itak pa ds jo tepem tm16:23
Mimi2as normaln16:23
mateja1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:23
Mimi2ja sam.te prva vidla16:23
joze1 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:23
Sebastjan23 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:23
Sebastjan23 ( joined #klepet.16:23
Mimi2dragon sej bova šla na palacinke16:24
LuckyLukek da sm lutka v prodaji 😂16:24
par2 (klepet123@7FCB682A.E61A9607.D5B76ED9.IP) joined #klepet.16:24
Mimi2kupla te bom če si16:24
Luskan29 (5bbf3e7a@55B14CC1.FA3166FF.7DA4B05A.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:24
_Tip_NJO_za_Hot ( joined #klepet.16:24
alex ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:24
Andrej ( joined #klepet.16:24
Navihan_misek ( joined #klepet.16:24
nusi ( left irc: Quit: Klepet 123 - https://www.klepet123.si16:24
bigmax ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:24
Mimi2reč kolk odma dizem kredit16:24
Mimi2prodajem avto16:24
LuckyLukeajd caoo 😛16:24
Soncek3 ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:24
Mimi2opet kensl16:24
LuckyLukenije kensl nego rucak16:25
Mimi2ajd dober tek 16:25
Asufff ka dobr se je dret na javne uslužbence16:25
Mimi2misli name dok zvaces16:25
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Dragonin ti dl spet kensl xD16:25
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leojos pola sata16:26
starejsi-njo ( joined #klepet.16:26
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starejsi-njopozdrav vsem16:26
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leojos pola sata16:27
Last message repeated 2 time(s).16:27
leo kicked from #klepet by Plemenita: Stop repeating yourself!16:27
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leojos pola sata16:28
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Angelitooo leo :-)16:28
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dusantle kdo živvv16:29
klepet_50453 ( joined #klepet.16:29
Asna žalost so še vedno vsi živi in prisotni16:30
Lucka ( joined #klepet.16:30
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leodje si andjela16:30
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Erika28P pixy16:33
Erika28O pixy16:33
elvis-21cm ( joined #klepet.16:33
pixykako si16:33
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Erika28Pa bo in ti16:33
Astale je lih dost čudna, da bi bla zate pix16:33
par (klepet123@7FCB682A.E61A9607.D5B76ED9.IP) joined #klepet.16:33
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pixykaj delaš16:33
klepet_99977 (563d3b6c@B64A028D.949F86AB.D5B76ED9.IP) joined #klepet.16:33
pixymožu že skuhala kosilo16:34
Erika28Gdo je čuden?16:34
Grega ( joined #klepet.16:34
LuckaNimam pojma kak to dela16:34
ON45 (b04cf0e0@40863A48.A1799CD8.13D7E881.IP) left irc: Quit: chat.si16:34
Asti si čudna in napiše se "kdo"16:34
modrec ( left irc: Quit: chat.si16:34
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Erika28As zaka jas16:34
Nick change: klepet_99977 -> rony16:35
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klepet_77865kdo gleda na hepi tv pari16:35
dingo ( joined #klepet.16:35